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Medical Receptionist Resume Samples

Here are two medical receptionist resume samples for people who want to apply for this position. A medical receptionist is a person who works mostly in clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities. His or her job is to ensure that everything runs smoothly in the doctor’s office. He or she is also the first point of contact when patients come in, and he or she must accommodate them to the best of their abilities.

The medical receptionist is also supposed to be able to multitask, as there is a lot to do in a doctor’s office and work in a very fast-paced and stressful environment. There is also one quality which you must possess if this is the job of your dreams – empathy. Seeing as you will be dealing with sick individuals, empathy is a must. Here are the two medical receptionist resume samples.

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Medical Receptionist Resume Sample 1

Patricia Mickle

3103 Middleville Road, Pasadena, California 91101


A. Summary

Experienced medical receptionist, looking for a job where I can use my outstanding abilities to provide tier one patient care in an efficient manner, as well as my excellent knowledge of the medical terminology. I am also seeking a position that can allow me to use my expertise when it comes to scheduling appointments as well as assisting the doctors with the medical procedures that they perform.

B. Working Experience

  • April 2006 – Present – The Family Medical Center, Pasadena, California

Responsibilities: Welcome the patients, their families, and relatives and provide directions. Take care of the check-in tasks for all patients. Fill in and verify the information in their medical file or record. Enter their demographics as well as their insurance info into the system. Help patients that are physically challenged or who have difficulties. Confirm their appointments and get their referral information. Notify the staffing, be it the medical nurse or the doctor when the patient is ready to go in. Notify the patient when the doctor is available to see him. Escort the patient in the physician’s office.

Achievements: Received the Receptionist of the Month Award in 2014 for outstanding skills and abilities.

C. Education and Academic Training

  • Graduated from the Pasadena Community College in Pasadena, California, in 2005

D. Job Related Skills

  • Exceptional skills in performing duties related to the front desk in a healthcare setting
  • Very well-versed when it comes to greeting patients or clients and interacting with them and their families
  • A documented success in taking telephone calls if there is a multi-line system in place
  • Excellent at scheduling appointments for patients
  • The ability to coordinate and organize transportation for patients in need
  • A proved ability to interact with patients, doctors, and nurses very efficiently.

E. General Skills

  • Outstanding communication skills
  • Patience
  • Empathy
  • Dedication
  • Very meticulous
  • I can speak both English and Turkish
  • Very skilled in using the Microsoft Office package, especially Excel, Word, and Outlook.
  • Welcoming attitude

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Medical Receptionist Resume Sample 2

Renee Canady

2997 Meadow Drive, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73109


A. Summary

A skilled medical receptionist who desires a position where she can use her outstanding front desk services, as well as her capability of handling patients and their concerns in an efficient manner. I have an exceptional knowledge of all the fundamental medical procedures, a very keen sense when it comes to medical terms and an approach that has been characterized in the past as being highly professional.

B. Working Experience

  • June 2014 – Present – The ALC Medical Center, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Responsibilities: Welcome the patients in the institution. Check their track records as well as their health insurance. Accommodate them until they are ready to see the doctor or the nurse. Answer all their questions. Take phone calls and deal with all face-to-face inquiries. Explain how the practice works as well as the procedures to all new customers. Write letters and emails on behalf of the medical staff in the unit. Maintain the reception area very clean so as to prove a high professional standard. Arrange follow up appointments if they are necessary for all the patients. File the results of the tests. Arrange prescriptions for the patients. Liaise with the delivery companies and the couriers.

Achievements: Increased the reception’s efficiency by 45 percent when I introduced a new system for logging incoming calls.

C. Education and Academic Training

  • Graduated from the Oklahoma City College in 2009 with A levels in Physics, Math, and English
  • Graduated from the Oklahoma South University in 2011 with a BA in Business Administration

D. Job Related Skills

  • The ability to organize and prioritize a very heavy workload
  • Outstanding skills in managing and working with sick individuals
  • An extensive knowledge of the medical terminology
  • In possession of both the First Aid and Fire Safety Certifications
  • I am in full awareness of the policies concerning infection control
  • Very much aware of all the rules, regulations, and processes that apply in relation to the medical documentation

E. General Skills

  • I have a very professional demeanor, attitude, and appearance at all times
  • A very good team player
  • I possess a flexible approach when it comes to working hours
  • Can work standing for a very long time
  • Open to doing overtime if there is the need for it
  • I have the outstanding ability to remain calm when under pressure or in stressful or emergency situations
  • Do not have a judgmental attitude
  • Can remain confidential when needed
  • Open to signing a non-disclosure agreement
  • Very good concentration skills
  • Excellent office administration skills
  • CRB cleared
  • Literary skills
  • Keyboard skills
  • Outstanding time management abilities

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Here are the two medical receptionist resume samples advertised at the beginning of this article. Working as a medical receptionist is not an easy thing to do. Therefore, making it clear on your medical receptionist resume that you are up for the job is vital.

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