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Office Manager Cover Letter Samples

Our helpful office manager cover letter examples provide you with a template to guide you in writing your own. An employer searching for a talented office manager will be looking for cover letters that adequately illustrate organizational, negotiation, and teamwork skills, as well as appreciation to detail. If you have not previously held the role of office manager, but are applying for a position now, then you should focus on all of the supervisory roles and office skills that you possess.

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Office Manager Cover Letter Samples

Office Manager Cover Letter Sample 1

Charlotte Rennerson
77 Everly Street, Chicago, Illinois, 90010

Mr. Jonathan Gardner
Rhodes Heating and Air Conditioning
4896 Riverside Avenue, Chicago Illinois, 90010

Dear Mr. Gardner,

I am writing in order to apply for the open position of office manager, which was advertised on your company’s “Careers” website. I understand that you are looking for an experienced office manager to help oversee the daily operations in your office. Since I have four years of office management experience, and a bachelor of science degree in business administration, I fully believe that I am capable of fulfilling the job position in a way that will be professionally rewarding to both of us.

Presently, I am involved in the management, scheduling, and coordination of office functions, meetings, and activities for an office with a staff of 13 people. Of these 13 staff members, I am responsible for overseeing, supervising, and evaluating the job performance of eight of them. When decisions need to be made regarding the hiring and firing processes of our administrative support staff, I am the person who makes these decisions. I also review, track, and evaluate daily sales reports, monthly sales summaries, and expense reports.

While working in my current position, I have been responsible for streamlining many of our procedures, in order to reduce downtime and increase productivity. Examples include our payroll, time off requests, and our attendance bonus policy. I have also initiated an automation policy for as many of the office’s aspects as I can, which has greatly increased our productivity rates. Also, I have consolidated our review policy for the administrative staff, in order to reduce loss of manpower during the busiest times of our operation.

Working as an office manager at my current place of employment has allowed me to prove my administrative skills through conducting performance evaluations, approving formal requisitions, and maintaining records. I’ve also demonstrated my analytical skills in several key areas. I’ve been able to identify inefficiencies, and use my problem-solving skills in order to come up with a solution. This particular skill set makes me a benefit to potential employers.

I have enclosed my resume for your consideration, as it further demonstrates my many years of experience working in an office. With multiple years of experience in an office manager position, I believe that I am the right candidate for the job. I can be reached by email and phone, and I can arrange time for a Skype interview.

Charlotte Rennerson

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Office Manager Cover Letter Sample 2

Tyler Todd
55 East Hutchins Drive, Rockville, Maryland, 53365

Mrs. Elizabeth Allen
Stewart Travel and Vacation Lodge
422 Creek Drive, Rockville, Maryland, 53365

Dear Mrs. Allen,

Your recent ad in The Rockville Gazette made it apparent that you are seeking an experienced office manager to fill the open position at your company. With a bachelor of science in business management from Rockville College, and eight years of being an office manager behind me, I believe that I am qualified for this position. Prior to becoming an office manager, I worked in a multitude of office jobs. Although my resume goes over these qualifications, I would like to take this opportunity to further delve into my skills and achievements.

In my current capacity at Quality Functions here in Rockville, I perform basic accounting activities, such as wire transfers and cash reconciliations. I answer approximately 50 phone calls a day, while also remaining up to date with the daily, weekly, and monthly reports that must be regularly reviewed and analyzed. Any activity that requires administrative or operational attention comes by my desk first, before it is passed on to my employers.

One of my greatest achievements has been the effort to make our office a paperless environment. We have switched our contracts and inventory procedures entirely to online capabilities, and this has saved our office approximately $26,000 per year in operation costs. I’ve also reduced our operation budget by 25%, by looking at the supply lists, and finding new ways to save money and implement cost-saving measures for the products that we need in order to run our office.

In order to perform my job as an office manager, I learned all about spreadsheet creation. I am also a master of event planning and meeting management. Although we have a separate accounts payable/receivable department, I often coordinate and assist their department. Team-building, supervision, and staff development are all skills I pride myself in as an office manager.

I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to apply for this position. Having examined your ad, I feel that my experience and skill set are a good match for your company. With my dedication to an organized office environment, my employment will help increase your company’s productivity, and eliminate its downtime.

Tyler Todd

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An office manager is responsible for ensuring that the entire office runs in a smooth and organized fashion. Many businesses do not require any specialized formal education, but they do value experience. Always highlight your level of experience, skill, and achievements when composing your office manager cover letter. Have you noticed any other tricks that helped you land your dream job when writing an office manager cover letter? If so, be sure to share your professional insight with us!

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