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Administrative Coordinator Cover Letter Samples

An eye-catching administrative coordinator cover letter can go a long way when applying for a job. This article provides two downloadable cover letters, which will serve as templates for you to build your own. Keep in mind that you should highlight your ability to organize and maintain sustainability. Any experience that you have managing others, implementing new strategies, and overseeing expenses should definitely be detailed in your cover letter. Also, make sure that your organizational skills are aptly demonstrated through a concisely worded letter.

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Administrative Coordinator Cover Letter Samples

Administrative Coordinator Cover Letter Sample 1

Cayley Evans
135 Forest Lawn Boulevard, Great Falls, Montana, 98741

Mr. Charles Rutherford
Jordan Scott Marketing Company
168 Center Street, Great Falls, Montana, 98741

Dear Mr. Rutherford,

I recently came across your ad for an administrative coordinator in the Great Falls City Star newspaper, and based upon my 10 years of experience, I feel that I would be a perfect fit for the role. As my attached resume demonstrates, most of my previous experience has been in the marketing industry, and I hold a 2007 Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration from the University of Montana. My history has consistently required providing proactive and reliable executive-level support.

On a weekly basis at my current position, I am responsible for organizing staff schedules. I also coordinate inventory, and am in charge of making sure all supplies are ordered. The marketing staff and I work closely together as a team in order to coordinate all of the work needed to complete a project. The collection of data for reports and presentations is also under my list of daily duties.

My current position allows me to handle the entirety of training for new administrative personnel. Another primary achievement has involved creating a more efficient database using Microsoft Word. This has decreased production time when composing letters, mailings, forms, and other documents. I’ve also been responsible for examining the general accounting functions, and have been able to introduce systems which have resulted in fewer mistakes.

Throughout my time at my current position, I have relied upon my skills in Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. I’ve also demonstrated significant skills in schedule management, problem resolution, and analyzing reports. My training skills are utilized at least once every quarter, when we add new employees. If you were to inquire from my employers, they would hastily agree that my abilities in documentation and teamwork consistently rise above and beyond what is required.

Please review the resume I have attached to this cover letter, as it includes a greater level of detail about my work history, skills, and responsibilities. I truly feel that my past experience and education make me an excellent candidate for your position, and I would love an opportunity to discuss how I can benefit your organization in person.

Cayley Evans

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Administrative Coordinator Cover Letter Sample 2

Jason Stark
9963 Vernon Heights Avenue, Omaha, Nebraska, 45223

Evelyn Lance
Thompkins Medical Center
44 West Main Street, Omaha, Nebraska, 45223

Dear Mrs. Lance,

As an experienced and accomplished administrative coordinator, I was happy to see your advertisement for an administrative coordinator position on your company’s website. Your ad indicates that you value experience, and also desire a formal education in business administration. I fit both of these requirements. After graduating from Nebraska State University in 2005, with a bachelor of art’s degree in business administration, I began working immediately as an administrative assistant.

My current job responsibilities allow me to work as a mediator whenever any staff scheduling conflicts occur. I have made sure that patients are up to date on information pertaining to the scheduling of their procedures. Whenever there is any conflict between patient appointments, diagnostic tests, and doctors’ schedules, it is my responsibility to contact the patient and rearrange a better time for them. Daily deliveries come to me, and I make certain that they make it to the right person.

When I first arrived at my new position, the scheduling process was very outdated. We had to use paper and pencil, and make our scheduling requests two months in advance. When I came aboard as administrative coordinator, the first change I implemented was to make our scheduling process automatic and computer-oriented. Now, we can make requests two weeks in advance, and it has greatly increased our efficiency, while lowering our downtime. For my efforts, I was awarded the “Most Valuable Employee” Award in 2015.

As an administrative coordinator, I have been responsible for handling calendar management, appointment scheduling, and data compilation. I also handle a multi-line phone, and must maintain excellent customer service for each patient who walks through the door. Since I work for a medical provider, I understand all aspects of HIPAA, and am well-qualified in maintaining patient and data confidentiality. My data entry skills are extraordinary. I can type 60 words per minute, and am skilled in all aspects of Microsoft Office.

In closing, I believe my skills, training, and work experience will make me a beneficial addition to your organization. I would very much welcome the opportunity to discuss with you in person the ways in which my personal work ethic lines up with your expectations and needs. Please feel free to contact me for an interview, either by phone or by email.

Jason Stark

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An administrative coordinator can be in charge of a number of administrative duties and support. They can work in a variety of environments, including hospitals, law offices, educational facilities, and small businesses. Regardless of where you end up working, you must emphasize excellent multitasking, teamwork, and organizational skills in your administrative coordinator cover letter. What other types of skills would you include in your cover letter? Have you found other ways to make your cover letter shine?

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