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CNA Cover Letter Samples

The goal of this article is to present how a CNA cover letter should be composed. By providing two different CNA cover letter examples, we will illustrate the structure and skills that you should include in any cover letter that you send. A certified nursing assistant’s main goal is to provide any support necessary to patients. All CNAs must be skilled in the crucial areas of maintaining records, assisting with patient hygiene, and maintaining confidentiality. CNAs must be licensed, and it is your responsibility to show your education and qualifications in your cover letter.

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CNA Cover Letter Samples

CNA Cover Letter Sample 1

Tonya Matthews
12 Water Street, Atlanta, Georgia, 96333

Mrs. Danielle Hogan
Charlie Summers Memorial Nursing Home
49 Jesse Hill Jr Dr SE, Atlanta, Georgia, 30303

Dear Mrs. Hogan,

I recently saw an advertisement on the internet job board maintained by Wellington Central Community College, where I received my Certified Nursing Assistant training. According to the advertisement, you are in need of a highly experienced CNA with previous experience in a nursing home environment. Since I received my license in 2012, I have consistently chosen to work in nursing homes. I believe my training, knowledge, and prior work experience will make me a highly qualified candidate for your position.

At my current place of employment, Peaceful Glen Nursing Home in Atlanta, I am responsible for coordinating all aspects of basic patient care. These duties include personal care, such as clothing, bathing, feeding, and moving patients. I have also been trained in assisting patients with their rehabilitation exercises. My documentation skills have been utilized in the recording of patients’ vital signs and weight. I transport patients to their rooms upon admittance, with the assistance of wheelchairs.

The biggest achievement at my current workplace has been the development of my leadership skills. During my four years with this company, I have been fortunate enough to be able to train a minimum of four other newly licensed CNAs each year. This additional training has allowed me to share the hands-on type of experience that can only be gained by working in the nursing home environment.

My CPR and first-aid certifications remain up to date, and were both renewed in 2016. I also have taken additional courses in medical terminology at Wellington Central Community College, so that my ability to converse with other members of the medical staff can continue to grow. I am knowledgeable in HIPAA and other related privacy concerns, and consider proper documentation to be one of my best assets as a medical team member.

I’ve attached a resume that goes into further detail about my job qualifications and experiences. I work second shift, but I am available by phone during the week before 2 p.m. I can also be reached by email at any time during the week. I look forward to discussing the ways in which my broad knowledge and varied experiences in patient care can make me a vital part of your facility.

Tonya Matthews

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CNA Cover Letter Sample 2

Thomas Addison
3668 West Chance Street, Riverside, Iowa, 85662

Mr. Charles Rosenblum
Garrick Assisted Living Center
4545 Kirby Parkway, Riverside, Iowa, 85662

Dear Mr. Rosenblum,

Last Sunday’s Riverside Dispatch featured an ad for your assisted living facility, which stated that you required a CNA to help residents with their basic needs. Before I completed my CNA training at Riverside Technical College, I volunteered for four years at the Riverside General Hospital, where I assisted the nurses and CNAs providing basic patient care. Due to my combination of training and understanding of patient needs, I feel that I would provide your residents with a high-quality of care.

For the past two years, I have been working at the Alger Nursing Home in Riverside. At the facility, we take care of 200 long-term residents whose mobility capabilities vary. There, I have developed the type of enhanced clinical skills that come with the daily observation of patients. My clinical skills in taking vitals are more advanced than those of a new CNA. I am also tasked with ensuring that my patients’ care is up to date with HIPAA standards.

While at the Alger Nursing Home, I completed a two-day course in Patient Safety. The completion of this course allowed me to teach the essentials of patient safety to any new CNA that our facility hired. To date, I have coached 12 new CNAs on the proper patient safety protocol, according to our facility’s standards. I have also re-organized the timetable in which I complete my duties, to increase efficiency.

My professional skills include meal preparation, bathing, and dressing. I am skilled in taking vital signs, and pride myself on properly documenting that crucial information in a timely and efficient manner. I have also received training in medical terminology, and am well-versed in HIPAA regulations. My greatest skill as a CNA has been the ability to listen to our patients. Many times, a medical mystery can be solved by simply listening well enough to hear what the patient is struggling to convey.

I hope that you find my resume intriguing, and I look forward to an opportunity to discuss it with you in person. I truly believe that my wide expertise in patient care will make me a perfect fit for your organization. Both email and phone contact are acceptable. If you would rather arrange for a Skype interview, I would be glad to discuss that possibility as well. I thank you for your consideration of my qualifications, and I hope to hear from you soon.

Thomas Addison

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As a CNA, you have the opportunity to decide exactly what type of facility you want to work in, and your options include hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities. Regardless of your preferred working environment, your CNA cover letter must convey your ability to work as part of a team. It should also demonstrate that you are comfortable working within a healthcare environment, among other healthcare staff and patients. Do you have other tips that have helped you write a cover letter for CNA positions? Share them with us!

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