Art Teacher Cover Letter Samples

Are you looking for engaging and insightful art teacher cover letter examples? This post will provide two eye-catching samples of cover letters that will be designed to demonstrate how to summarize your qualifications as an art teacher. Employers for these positions include elementary, middle, and high schools. When scanning your art teacher cover letter, they will be looking to see that you have your state certification. Moreover, they will also want to see that you have a creative side, and genuinely enjoy working with children.

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Art Teacher Cover Letter Samples

Art Teacher Cover Letter Sample 1

Charles Adkins
88 Vernon Avenue, Carson City, Nevada, 30112

Mrs. Henrietta Wilson
Katherine Barton Memorial Schools
986 Broad Street, Carson City, Nevada, 30112

Dear Mrs. Wilson,

I wish to add my name to the list of potential art teachers for the elementary position you have advertised on your school district’s website. I believe that my five years of classroom experience have made me an expert in organizing and maintaining a nurturing and educational classroom. My first teachers at The University of Nevada, where I graduated from in 2012, emphasized the importance of involving students in the learning process, and this core belief system is one I would bring with me to your school district.

Currently, I work as an elementary art teacher at Barnes Public Elementary School in Carson City. My position affords me the opportunity to work with students ranging from kindergarten to sixth graders. I am able to present lessons across their age groups, that seek to actively engage them in the learning process. My primary goals in the elementary setting are to focus on teaching artistic methodologies, technical aspects of art, and the importance of creative expression. My additional duties include planning lessons based upon the state’s goals and expectations.

One of my proudest achievements in this position has been the establishment of our after-school art club. This club has allowed our students to further their artistic interests, discover new artistic methods, and engage in a safe, educational, and recreational activity after school. I’ve also seen an increase in student participation since I’ve started to incorporate “real life” artistic lesson plans. By having students focus on works of art they find in their daily lives, I encourage them to participate in the learning process.

The skills that recommend me as an art teacher are my creativity, passion for aesthetics, and ability to work well with children of all ages. I understand the importance of teaching art from a young age, and I also know how to incorporate art into my class without it seeming like a chore for the children. My friendly and approachable nature makes children like me, which encourages them to participate more in class and ask questions.

My passion for art is surpassed only by my passion for teaching children. Being able to share my love of multiple art forms with children who are so often ready to appreciate new things continues to be a passion, and is definitely the reason why I chose this career. If you would like to discuss my qualifications in greater detail, I can be contacted by both phone and email.

Charles Adkins

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Art Teacher Cover Letter Sample 2

Claire Donaldson
8892 Fairhaven Blvd., Yukon, Oklahoma, 77446

Mr. Kyle Brooks
Gardner High School
44 Stewart Avenue, Yukon, Oklahoma, 77446

Dear Mr. Brooks,

I’m writing to indicate my interest in your open position for a high school art teacher. The position came to my attention thanks to the job board maintained by the college where I received my Master’s degree in education, the University of Oklahoma at Yukon. Having received my undergraduate degree in 2000, and my Master’s in 2003, I have a total of 17 years of educational experience. Although my first five years were spent teaching elementary students, I am licensed to teach grades K-12 in the state of Oklahoma.

For the past three years, I have been working at the Colleen Cage Memorial High School in Yukon. In this position, I have taught grades 9 through 12. I have designed and implemented a unit for the study of linear perspectives in contemporary popular culture. For my honors students, I have designed a painting unit, in which they are encouraged to use group discussion, internet resources, and their own creativity to bring food to life. Units on clay, pastels, and graphic designs were also implemented throughout the year.

One of my accomplishments in my current position has been the organization of the Weekly Speakers series. In this series, I invite local artists to come into the classroom and speak to students about their modern artistic efforts. I’ve also coordinated with the other high school art teachers in the county to come up with the annual juvenile art show, which is displayed at the Yukon County Fair every August.

As an art teacher, I have the ability to motivate my students beyond the simple surface analyzing of the art that is encouraged in many textbooks. My goal is to constantly deliver innovative lessons that are able to engage students with the art they are studying. Through an enhanced understanding of painting, drawing, pottery, and digital art, I am able to use my interpersonal skills and organizational abilities to present the subject material in a passionate and entertaining fashion.

In closing, I have enclosed my resume, which goes into greater detail about my abilities and skills as an educator and artist. However, I would welcome the opportunity to discuss these attributes with you in person. Please feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience to arrange an interview, either by email or by phone. I thank you in advance for the opportunity.

Claire Donaldson

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When writing your art teacher cover letter, be sure to include your love of creativity, as well as your passion for teaching children. Your potential employers will want to see that you are capable of teaching a creative subject in new and innovative ways, so you will also want to include any achievements that make it appear as though you have gone above and beyond your required duties. These are tips that traditionally work for art teachers seeking employment, but feel free to share any lessons you have learned while composing a cover letter for art teacher positions.

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