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Flight Attendant Cover Letter Samples

In this article, you will be given two flight attendant cover letter examples to assist you in your job search. Competition is fierce for flight attendant positions. As a flight attendant, you will need to blend in with the company’s culture. Hiring managers will need you to be able to deliver meals, adhere to FAA standards, and properly represent what their company stands for throughout the course of your employment. Making a personalized flight attendant cover letter that demonstrates your unique skills and achievements is one way to get an interview.

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Flight Attendant Cover Letter Samples

Flight Attendant Cover Letter Sample 1

Hayley Jordan
156 Fontaine Street, New York City, New York, 75395

Tanya Williams
Danvers International Airlines
8971 Kellogg Parkway, New York City, New York, 75395

Dear Mrs. Williams,

I would like to apply for your company’s open flight attendant position, as advertised on the company’s website. As a graduate of Rayner Technical College in 2008, I hold an associate’s degree in hospitality and customer service. I take the title of this degree very seriously, and pride myself upon having unparalleled customer service abilities. I also hold a current CPR certification and a Certificate of Demonstrated Proficiency from the FAA, which help demonstrate why I would be a beneficial addition to your crew.

Currently, I work at Raymond International Airlines. Here, I have worked on both domestic and international flights. I have logged over 3,000 hours of travel on commercial airliners holding 400 passengers. On each flight, I increase my hands-on experience in all cabin duties and customer service related activities, in a manner that makes our guests feel comfortable, and reflects positively upon the reputation of the airline. I also help many of our passengers board our planes, assist with their luggage, and direct them to their seats in a professional and quick manner.

While working for Raymond International Airlines, I have received the Gold Star Safety Award every year since 2008. The airline gives this award to flight attendants who they feel go above and beyond the basic safety adherence guidelines. Since 2009, I have led the flight attendant mentor program, through which I have mentored over 20 new flight attendants.

As a member of a flight crew, I bring valuable knowledge of inspection procedures for multiple Boeing models, including the 707 and 787. I speak fluent Italian, Spanish, and English, and am literate in English and Italian. Working with primarily large crews has granted me the talent of remaining calm in emergency situations, or when dealing with particularly aggressive passengers. My friendly and open personality makes it easy to engage customers, and my previous career in sales helps when it’s time to upsell products to our passengers.

Due to my strong education, training, and leadership skills, I am certain that I would be a valuable addition to your team. Although my resume is attached, and lists additional skills and responsibilities, I look forward to discussing my qualifications for your position with you. You can reach me by phone at 852-367-4455, or by email at hayleyjordan@email.com.

Hayley Jordan

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Flight Attendant Cover Letter Sample 2

Jason Drake
111 Fairhaven Drive, Los Angeles, California, 55332

Elizabeth Patterson
Comfort Airlines
74 Home Street, Los Angeles, California, 553322

Dear Mrs. Patterson,

Having recently seen your company’s opening for a flight attendant in The LA Daily Times, I am interested in applying for the position. I am a flight attendant with ten years of experience flying in international and domestic flights, and I’ve worked on charter and commercial airlines. In addition to being trained in CPR from the American Red Cross, I completed in-house training at Family Skies Airline, and received my FAA certification after completing my training.

While working in my current position at Family Skies Airline, I have completed over 4,000 hours of flight time. During these hours, I have been responsible for the operation of all the safety and mechanical equipment on board. I also remain up to date on the health and sanitary standards associated with meal delivery and cabin cleanliness. Our passengers frequently comment on my willingness to help them, and I excel at providing quality service to our passengers during meal delivery, boarding, take-off, and landing.

In acknowledgement of my dedication to representing the company well, my current employer has awarded me the “Flight Attendant of the Year” title for the past three consecutive years. My customer service skills are also proven through the post-flight surveys which consistently award me ratings of 90% or higher in areas related to punctuality, friendliness, and helpfulness. During the 2016 summer season, I was asked to put together a new and improved safety manual, which has been praised by my employers and co-workers.

One of the skills that my co-workers and employers frequently comment upon is my ability to remain at ease during hostile situations with passengers. Especially during commercial flights, our guests frequently become irritated or annoyed. I have displayed an exceptional capacity to speak calmly during these moments of crisis, which has often prevented the situation from escalating. My time in the industry has afforded me an in-depth knowledge of the industry’s standard protocols, safety standards, and need to provide excellent passenger service.

Your airline has a reputation for only providing the very best in passenger experiences. This goal fits perfectly with my own goal of providing exemplary customer service for every passenger that I have the privilege to serve. During a potential interview, I would have the opportunity to discuss our mutually compatible goals in even greater detail. My preferred method of contact is by phone, but I can be reached through email as well.

Jason Drake

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An airline hiring manager will be looking at your cover letter to see if you are going to be a beneficial addition to their company. An ability to remain calm under pressure, and the capacity to deal with difficult passengers are two of the most highly sought after skills that managers will be looking for on a flight attendant cover letter. Are there any additional skills that you prioritize in your own cover letter flight attendant jobs?

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