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Pharmacist Cover Letter Samples

This article provides two pharmacist cover letter examples, to demonstrate what one should look like for job applicants. A pharmacist’s daily duties include selling and advising patients about prescription and non-prescription medications. Pharmacists work in retail settings, and they also work in many hospitals or clinics. When composing your own pharmacist cover letter, you will need to demonstrate your ability to provide professional and knowledgeable customer service.

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Pharmacist Cover Letter Samples

Pharmacist Cover Letter Sample 1

Steven Kent
564 Keller Avenue, Topeka, Kansas, 78912

Mrs. Ellen Ross
Topeka General Hospital
413 Anderson Avenue, Topeka, Kansas, 78912

Dear Mrs. Ross,

I am excited to see an open position for a senior pharmacist at Topeka General Hospital. The position came to my attention thanks to a former undergraduate classmate who now works in your Emergency Department. I am aware of the fact that the position will require supervisory responsibilities and an enhanced understanding of pharmacy industry standards. Since graduating from The University of Kansas with my Pharm D in 2008, I have had the opportunity to work in both retail and hospital pharmacist positions.

Currently, I work as a senior pharmacist at Thomason’s Grocery in Topeka. In this position, I develop the schedules of four other pharmacists and six pharmacy technicians. The continual education of our pharmacy technicians is included in my responsibilities. I am also responsible for daily general pharmacist duties, such as responding to customer questions about potential medications or drug interactions. On a typical day, I am responsible for processing at least 200 prescriptions, and providing counsel for each patient.

Last year, I was awarded the county’s Pharmacist of the Year. This award goes to pharmacists who consistently demonstrate excellent customer service and professionalism in maintaining our industry’s expected standards. It is voted on by other pharmacists within the county, and is a testament to the level of expertise that my fellow pharmacists believe me to possess. I also initiated the barcode system in our store in order to reduce the potential of medication errors.

My biggest strengths include my determination to provide the best customer service our patients have ever experienced. I am also computer-oriented, and believe that computers should play a greater role in our healthcare system, as they can help reduce the number of medication errors and mathematical miscalculations, when utilized properly. Working in a grocery store has exposed me to a variety of people, and in turn, this has honed my communication, organizational, and interpersonal skills.

With nine years of experience as a pharmacist, and two years of experience working as a senior pharmacist, I believe my skills are exactly what your open position for a senior pharmacist demands. I greatly anticipate the opportunity to discuss my compatibility with your organization during the interview process. You may reach me by phone or by email, and I thank you for your consideration.

Steven Kent

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Pharmacist Cover Letter Sample 2

Adele Rollins
59 E. Broadway Street, Austin, Texas, 45892

Jeffrey Wakefield
Trinity Medical Clinic
78 W. Silver Street, Austin, Texas, 45892

Dear Mr. Wakefield,

When I found your open position in my pharmacy school’s newsletter, I became immediately interested in applying for the job opening. I am an accomplished pharmacist, with five
years of experience and a doctorate degree obtained in 2012 from The University of Texas at Austin’s distinguished pharmacology department. My hands-on training has included three years working in a fast-paced public hospital, where I developed the patient service and multi-tasking skills that make me an ideal pharmacist for your clinic.

My current position requires me to fulfill the daily industry standard expectations of a pharmacist. This includes detailed and meticulous stock maintenance, regulatory compliance, and order processing. While performing these functions, I also dispense prescriptions to customers, and answer any questions they may have concerning drug ingredients and potential interactions. Typically, I fill between 200 to 300 prescriptions each day.

In 2013, I pushed for the change to an automated data management system to replace our previous paper-only system. The implementation of this system saved us at least 12 hours of manual labor each week, which can otherwise be spent on our patients. I regularly assist with the training and development of non-pharmacy personnel, including our technicians. I am also responsible for supervising at least four individuals on every shift.

My colleagues at my current position would testify to my ability to identify areas for improvement, and a willingness to direct my concerns to management in order to maximize productivity and improve the quality of care given to our patients. Another skill that I pride myself on is the dedication to maintaining a professional environment, through the daily demonstration of honesty, accuracy, and integrity. I am also skilled at multi-tasking and paying close attention to my work.

Please feel free to contact me through email or by phone in order to discuss my qualifications in greater detail. I am confident that my abilities and experience working in a fast-paced hospital will make me a beneficial asset to your hospital’s pharmacy staff. I look forward to bringing my patient service and desire to provide above average experiences to patients in your hospital.

Adele Rollins

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The most important thing to keep in mind when writing a pharmacist cover letter is that your potential employers will be looking for seasoned professionals. They will expect you to have a standard doctorate degree, and also look for the ways in which you have proven yourself capable of representing your former employers in an organized and professional manner. Highlighting these skills can put you on the fast track to getting an interview. What tips do you have on writing a cover letter for pharmacist job openings?

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