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Case Manager Cover Letter Samples

When drafting your cover letter case management job openings, follow these two case manager cover letter examples to aid you in your process. Case managers are sometimes referred to as social and human services assistants. They are responsible for aiding those that come from difficult situations, and developing treatment plans that lead to their recovery. While this job can be emotionally difficult, it is also incredibly rewarding and needed.

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Case Manager Cover Letter Samples

Case Manager Cover Letter Sample 1

Tommy Stradford
501 Brighton Way, Santa Barbara, California, 80511
454 – 322 – 0288

Mrs. Renae LosVaras
Healing Hands Treatment Center
699 Palm Fern Road, Santa Barbara, California, 80511

Dear Mrs. LozVaras,

As a trained and experienced case manager, I read your posting for an opening at the Healing Hands Treatment Center with great interest. As a graduate of Stanford University, I hold an honors degree in psychology, with a focus in counseling. With my strong educational background and six years of experience as a case manager, I believe I would make an ideal candidate for your case manager position, and a valuable addition to your staff and team.

Currently, I am employed by The Rehab Centers of America: California. This job has allowed me to grow professionally and hone my skills in implementing treatment and leadership. My current responsibilities include reviewing client records and applications for admission purposes, interviewing clients to determine medical and therapeutic needs, creating and establishing customized treatment programs, and communicating with specialists and families about a client’s progress.

As a case manager for The Rehab Centers of America: California, I had the chance to organize and implement my own patient filing system. The system I created was so effective it resulted in an overall 50% increase in office productivity and client turnover. My staff was able to access files and information easily, which cut patient waiting time in half. We were able to see and treat more people in less time, all while maintaining a high quality of treatment.

As you read through my resume, you will find that I am well adept in many areas of case management. I specialize in developing crisis intervention plans and patient advocacy. As a skilled communicator and active listener, I find it easy to interact with a wide demographic of people, and sympathize with many of the situations they are involved in. I also possess high quality analytical and decision making skills, which allow me to create effective treatment plans in a short amount of time.

With a true passion for helping others, it is with great enthusiasm that I would welcome the opportunity to work for your business. I hold a deep appreciation for Healing Hands Treatment Center’s focus on mental health wellness alongside medical treatment, and would be very excited to contribute to this. I look forward to discussing my credentials with you in person, and I thank you for your consideration.

Tommy Stradford

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Case Manager Cover Letter Sample 2

Jessica Howl
3121 Starlight Lane, Oakland, California, 80513
454 – 612 – 9077

Mr. Ralph Yeager
Oakland Medical Facilities
2005 Wayland Boulevard, Oakland, California, 80513

Dear Mr. Yeager,

I am contacting you with great eagerness to express my interest in the open case manager position you have available at Oakland Medical Facilities. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and a Bachelor’s of Science in nursing. I have also completed several internships in the field of case management that have expanded my passion for helping people. It is with my distinguished educational background and bountiful field experience that I believe I would serve as a significantly beneficial asset to your team.

Working for Young Bodies & Minds Wellness Center for the past 5 years has helped me realize that my true passion and expertise lie with treating children and adolescents. My responsibilities included evaluating patients and determining the correct treatment needed, monitoring patient cases to track progress and evaluate effectiveness, reaching out to specialists to receive focused treatment when needed, and communicating openly and actively with patients and families on all relevant information and progress.

During my time with Young Bodies & Minds Wellness Center, I researched extensively into the benefits of implementing art based therapies such as music, visual art, and dance. My results showed significant beneficial side effects that increased the effectiveness of medical based treatments by 60%. Upon presenting these findings and publishing them, I founded and established the Move, Play, Create Foundation, aimed at providing these therapies to children and young adults to aid in their wellness.

Along with exceptional communication skills, I also possess superior problem-solving skills. I hold the ability to think critically and clearly when coming up with solutions. As an organized individual, I possess productive time management skills as well, and I am a good motivator when it comes to leading teams. I pride myself in my ability to work individually without supervision, but I also work well with others, and understand the value of collaborating to achieve the best outcomes.

As an experienced professional with a vast knowledge and understanding of case management, I look forward to bringing my unique skills set to your organization. I believe you will find I meet all your requirements, and can offer you much more. I thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to discussing my candidacy with you in person.

Jessica Howl

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Compassion is one of the top skills you should mention in a case manager cover letter. Potential employees will be looking for candidates that posses both an analytical and understanding mind, and who are able to help those in difficult situations reach recovery without judgment. What did you find most useful when writing a case manager cover letter?

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