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Medical Assistant Resume Samples and Tips

In order to write a professional medical assistant resume, you need to include all relevant information about your skills, education and a short description of your personality. In our free medical assistant resume samples, you will discover the best examples of successful medical assistant resumes.

Read through our recommendations and include all your certified experience. Try to keep it short and relevant but don’t neglect to include your medical assistant resume objective. Highlight your qualifications, previous duties and provide a clear example of every skill you mention. If you want to increase your chances of getting the job, try to also include a cover letter. Even a set of recommendation letters from previous employers is helpful.

Below you will find a section dedicated to recommendations for writing a perfect resume for medical assistant. Entry level assistants or students, as well as more experienced professionals, can benefit from the support we offer. You will also find two free sample templates that will help you create successful medical assistant resume examples.

Medical Assistant Resume Vector

Medical Assistant Resume Sample 1

Andrea Brookswoman vector portrait

145 Lowe’s Street, Michigan, Indiana 1772

(112) 577 9828


Performance Summary

Dedicated Medical Assistant with extensive experience in working directly with patients of all ages. Specialized in assisting surgeons and monitoring patients after intervention. Able to perform patient interviews and measure vital signs, as well as record patient information. Compassionate healthcare assistant with a proven ability to perform delegated tasks with responsibility.

Professional Highlights

  • Obtained the Medical Assistant Certificate issued by the AAMA in 2010
  • CPR Certifies
  • Extensive knowledge of medical basic and specialized terminology
  • Computer skills: Office pack, Outlook

Clinical Skills

  • Assistance in minor surgeries
  • Examination and chart-filling support
  • Professional courses in bedside manners
  • Dispensing medications
  • Ability to provide insight into patient history
  • Vital signs registration and screening skills

Professional Achievements & Experience

West Bay Hospital – Michigan, Indiana

May 2014-Present

Medical Assistant

  • Administration of injections and drugs
  • Assisting surgeons in basic interventions
  • Preparation and guidance for patients before examination
  • Scheduling and performing lab tests
  • Maintaining and sterilizing equipment
  • Updating records and files according to patient evolution

Important Achievement

  • Included in the team that diagnosed and treated a complicated case successfully
  • Offered the position of Medical Assistant as a result of exceptional work ethic and specific skills

West Bay Hospital – Michigan, Indiana

March 2011 – May 2014

Medical Aide

  • Preparing patient medical records
  • Organized and filed lab results and patient information
  • Filed medical records and specific documents
  • Assist and update patients’ family according to supervisor’s guidance


Michigan State College, Michigan, Indiana – 2009

High School Degree


  • Optimistic view and positive attitude
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to meet deadlines and deal with stressful situations
  • Team player 

Medical Assistant Resume Template 2

Jonathan Shawvector portrait

Address: 24 High Street, San Francisco 2925


Phone: (144) 552 1929


Obtaining and securing a position as Medical Assistant within a reputed clinic or facility where I can employ my array of skills through patient care.


  • Certified Medical Assistant/ City Community College, San Francisco, 2010
  • Certified in CPR and First Aid
  • Qualified in patient care after summer internship at Public Hospital, San Francisco, 2011


  • Medical coding and billing
  • Medical record managing
  • Excellent patient care and bedside manners
  • Blood draws and injections
  • Knowledge of medical terminology
  • Ability to take vital signs


High Care Medical Facility, San Francisco 2662

Volunteer 2015 – Present

  • Provide back office assistance
  • Record, file and store patients’ documents
  • Update and keep track of patient records
  • Prepare patients before meeting their practitioner
  • Perform basic medical tasks such as drawing blood and administering medication
  • Ensure sanitation and maintenance of both technical equipment and exam rooms
  • Explaining procedures to patients and their families

Milestone Corp, Inc, San Francisco 1200

Customer Service Assistant 2011- 2013

  • Process and manage incoming orders
  • Ensure client satisfaction and respond to requests
  • Assist with and solve client’s issues related to orders and products
  • Provide quality services and report to supervisors
  • Investigate and resolve complaints

Tips for The Best Resume for Medical Assistant

One of the main objectives when writing your resume medical assistant is to use an easy-to-read format. It is highly important to use a template with a simple aspect and include your objectives. As you will see in our sample medical assistant resume, bullet points, clear fonts and capital letters are often used.

If you want to get noticed, try to only include relevant information such as externship programs you were part of or assisting or administrative duties. There is no need to include your student volunteering work if it’s not closely related to the job you’re applying for.

Make sure your resume is a clear statement highlighting your abilities, as well as your unique personality. Even if you are writing an entry level medical assistant resume or a certified medical assistant resume, you will greatly benefit from following our guidelines.

  • Appealing Format

As we have already mentioned, the format of all medical assistant resume templates is crucial. Make your assistance resume easy and quick to read by including bullet points, capital letters and bold words to highlight important skills. For example, present your dermatology or pediatric experience by using bold letters in order to highlight it.

  • Include Relevant Information

Remember that your employer or HR representative doesn’t have time to waste on a long resume filled with irrelevant information. Stick to presenting your medical assistant resume skills and your objective for medical assistant resume. If your duties included front office tasks as well, briefly mention them. Don’t insist on experiences or skills that are not closely related to the position you are applying for.

  • Highlight Your Achievements and Potential

This task might seem difficult if you are writing a medical assistant resume with no experience. If you don’t have years of experience in the field, try to accentuate your skills by using a functional template. When creating a medical office assistant resume, adapt your style to the specifics of this particular field. Draw inspiration from our medical assistant sample resume examples but adapt them to your personality.


The medical administrative assistant resume is your main tool for making yourself noticed. Even if you are an experienced professional or a beginner, you should follow our recommendations. If you concentrate on highlighting your relevant experience and personal qualities, your employer will accept your lack of experience. Our examples of sample resume for medical assistant were created to show that both professionals and beginners can build an effective medical assistant resume that will ensure success.

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