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Office Assistant Cover Letter Samples

The purpose of this article is to explain how to compose an office assistant cover letter that will capture the attention of a hiring manager in a way that he/she will want to read the attached resume. This is not an easy thing to do considering that hiring managers probably have hundreds of office assistant cover letters to sift through.

To begin, there are two absolute rules when it comes to writing cover letters:

  1. Keep the letter to a minimum of one page. Most employers will not have the time or the energy to read more than that. This can be easily achieved by keeping the font size to 11 or 12;
  2. Never exaggerate or lie! Exaggerations and lies can be easily exposed; and
  3. Include only relevant information with regard to your experience being sure to point out the similarities to the qualifications required.

The letter should be simple using words that the candidate is accustomed to using. In other words, if the candidate isn’t in the habit of using large, complex words, then don’t use them in the cover letter. The cover letter is supposed to represent the candidate’s voice and while you’ll want the letter to reflect knowledge and capability, you don’t want to overdo it as unnatural speech patterns will come across in the cover letter as well.

Below are two sample office assistant cover letters to use as a guide.

Office Assistant Cover Letter Sample 1


300 Delivery Road, Apt. #9 Tel: (757) 100-2000
Rose Garden, VA 23000 Email:

Mr. Robert Morgan
Hiring Manager
FX Wiring Company
12001 Broadband Drive
Dixieland, VA 23001

Dear Mr. Morgan,

I am sending my attached resume in response to your job posting for the Office Assistant position. I have worked as an administrative assistant for 10 years providing office support that has changed into duties that now include office management responsibilities. Part of the experience obtained is my management has established an air of efficiency in the office while completing all tasks, projects and duties in a timely manner.

Currently, some of my job tasks consist of planning logistics for onsite and offsite meetings and events, setting up interviews for potential candidates, and purchasing and maintaining all office supplies and equipment. I am detail-oriented and highly organized, two skills that are much needed to run a busy office in a competent way. Kindly review my resume for an extensive list of all my duties.

My main achievements are I’ve developed unique verbal and written communication skills which enable me to converse with people in a comfortable and empathetic way. This, along with having intrinsic knowledge of the business procedures of the company and its technological functions and applications, has rendered me the title of the reliable and dependable “go to” person concerning all office essentials.

My key skills are proficiency with computer operations and applications, including the ability to quickly learn all new applications and programs that are used exclusively by a specific company. I’m also adept at researching on the Internet, using social media, constructing spreadsheets, briefs and memos, handling certain financial duties, and general emailing.

Mr. Morgan, having the knowledge and skills I possess, I believe I could be an enormous asset to your company. My ability to instantly connect and relate to employees would be welcomed as a seamless entry into your company.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and my enclosed resume. I hope to hear from you at your earliest convenience.


Stephanie P. Watson

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Office Assistant Cover Letter Sample 2

Gerald Lawson

1020 Stewart Road // Brine, WI 55555 // Tel: (999) 123-4567 // Email:

Ms. Lillian Grayson
Hiring Manager
Mobile Banking Services, Inc.
750 Hendrix Way, 2nd Floor
Tylott, WI 55456

Dear Ms. Grayson,

Regarding the recently posted Office Assistant position at Mobile Banking Services, Inc. please find my resume attached. I’m especially interested in this position because the job description given in your posting suits me perfectly. I am loyal and trustworthy, I can handle the high-maintenance urgency of the banking industry, and I am flexible when it comes to working hours.

At my current job, I am able to handle payroll/timekeeping/attendance records, billing, and allocation/reallocation of finances. At the same time, I carry out general office duties such as new-hire setups, planning and coordinating meetings, and compiling reports and spreadsheets. I’ve been involved with a wide assortment of diverse duties and it’s now time to grow using the vast knowledge and experience I have acquired. In addition, I’ve been able to keep my focus on my responsibilities as the sometimes chaotic processes of the business mounted around me in a whirlwind of action!

A large part of growing a business depends heavily on relationships with people. Knowing this, I’ve always taken the time to engage myself in the interests of my co-workers to keep myself well informed of their needs. This approach has helped me to build productive relationships with both my co-workers and our customers. I am very organized so I am able to find the time to work directly with people when necessary and get my job done also.

My job skills consist of knowledge of MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint, taking dictation and transcribing, and preparing and submitting expense reports. Please review my resume for a comprehensive list of my skills.

Please notice that much of my experience involves the financial world which is why I believe I would fit in with Mobile Banking Services, Inc. At the same time, I’d have the opportunity to learn the new responsibilities that Mobile Banking would require.

Thank you in advance for your attention and I hope to hear from you at your earliest convenience.


Gerald Lawson

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When completed, a well-constructed office assistant cover letter should be flawless when it comes to spelling and grammar. Be sure to do a spelling and grammar check of the document. You should also include the use of a Thesaurus which is extremely helpful in introducing a wide choice of words to use.

A way to make sure you are a good fit is to do research on the company to learn about their principles, work ethics and generally to find out what the company is all about. Ultimately, the plan is to obtain an interview and expressing familiarity with the company in your office assistant cover letter could give you an edge over other candidates. Complete your cover letter with a winning office assistant resume, and feel free to share your experience with us!

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