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Car Salesman Resume Samples

This article will delve into how to create the perfect car salesman resume. With a good car salesman resume, you will be able to articulate why you should be hired for a particular job. It contains two car salesman resume samples that you can download for free, and use as a guide for your own car sales resume. The pay can be quite good, especially if you manage to get a job at a dealership that sells in high-end cars.

Car Salesman Resume Sample 1

Joan Mcfinder
543 Thawice Street, Neesdale, California, 45634

A. Summary

Highly knowledgeable and experienced car salesman with a great record in customer satisfaction. Able to give satisfying responses to any issues the customers may raise on the technical aspects of cars. Committed to given accurate responses, which are framed in a manner that highlights why the car meets the customer’s needs. Has the ability to match each client with a vehicle that meets their needs, no matter how particular those needs may turn out to be. Capable of convincing customers to pick a vehicle that is suitable to their needs even in cases where they may at first express doubt about the car to meet their needs.

B. Working Experience

6/2015 – Present – Fastcar Dealers, Sacramento, California


  • Negotiating prices, service agreements, and terms of sales with each client;
  • Inform customers of all financing options available to them upon purchase;
  • Help customers find cars suited to their needs by listening to them;
  • Demonstrate automobiles to walk in customers by explaining the features, characteristics, taking drives, and explaining the warranty terms;
  • Closing sales even when customers initially express resistance to closing a deal;
  • Update social media accounts to keep customers informed of new arrivals;
  • Engage with customers on social media to handle any queries they have;


  • Managed to improve sales at the company by matching customers more accurately with the vehicles they needed;
  • Improved the company’s social media image through well thought-out engagements on social media;
  • Improved coherence between the sales department and marketing department at the dealership;
  • Got more business for the dealership through word of mouth recommendations;

8/2010 – 3/2015 – Jukecars, Syracuse, New York


  • Hold consultations with customers to determine what cars were best suited to them;
  • Make follow-ups on interested customers through telephone calls;
  • Attend regular staff training events to keep job skills updated;
  • Liaise with other staff members in the office to ensure a cohesiveness is sales strategies;
  • Review sales statistics and develop strategies based on the data;
  • Understand customers’ needs by convincing them to fill in a review form;
  • Closing sales even when customers raised any objections;
  • Ensuring that each customer understands the specific features of each vehicle they wanted;
  • Explaining the finance options available to each customer;


  • Proficiently managed to sell a wide range of vehicles by make and model;
  • Successfully closed deals with a wide range of clientele who required vehicles for different purposes;
  • Managed to sell the wide range of finance options that the dealership had on offer;
  • Was able to sell both used and new vehicles to a wide range of clientele;

C. Education and Academic Training

Bachelor’s Degree- Sales and Marketing -2009
University of Hotentoh, Massachusetts

D. Job-Related Skills

  • Ability to relate to customers at a deep level;
  • Deep knowledge in car finance options;

E. General Skills

  • Excellent skills with MS Office, the internet, and email;
  • Outstanding ability to overcome issues and find solutions;

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Car Resume Salesman Sample 2

Johannes Galesburg
345, Salesy Street, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, 35639

A. Summary

A result-oriented car salesman with over a decade of experience in selling both used and new vehicles. I have excellent skills in bringing customers to the table and closing deals. I have proven leadership skills and the ability to help fellow team members achieve the set targets. Seeking to take the next step in the auto sales business with a reputable dealership that is dedicated to delivering high-quality services to customers.

B. Working Experience

3/2006 – 6/2016 – Supercar Motor Dealership Houston, Texas


  • Cultivate lasting relationships with new and existing customers to generate sales for the dealership;
  • Engage in negotiations with customers to close deals by presenting to them all available options;
  • Follow up on warm internet leads for new and used vehicles of different types;
  • Regularly design promotions for new and existing customers to entice them to make purchases from the dealership;
  • Conduct research on current trends and new marketing approaching that would help drive sales up;


  • Managed to uncover data trends, through research, that helped to boost sales at the dealership;
  • Successfully studied for and attained Toyota dealership certification;
  • Was promoted to the head of the sales team in recognition of my dedication to closing sales;
  • Managed to close numerous sales on new and used vehicles of different models;
  • Was able to convert a huge number of online deals through follow up calls and emails;

4/1999 – 7/2005 – Bestmachines Dealership, Lansing, Michigan


  • Compiling sales data to be used for developing strategic sales strategies for the company;
  • Heading a small team of car salesmen to close as many deals as possible daily;
  • Cultivating a long lasting business relationship with the dealership’s customers;
  • Conducting follow-ups via phone calls and emails on warm leads;


  • Was able to lead a team of four salesmen into almost doubling annual sales in three years;
  • Managed to incorporate the use of internet into the business strategy, especially through follow-up emails;

C. Education and Academic Training
Bachelor of Science: Business Management – University of LA, California -1998
Toyota Training Certificate
Professional Sales Certificate

D. Job-Related Skills

  • Ability to make sales even to the toughest customers;
  • Great leadership skills;
  • Decisiveness when it comes to adopting a new strategy;

E. General Skills

  • Great people skills;
  • Strategic negotiator;
  • Awesome follow-up skills;

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A good car salesman resume must contain factual and verifiable information about your skills. At the core of it, you have to be able to demonstrate that you can close deals. Any certification related to care sales must be included. To learn how to better highlight your sales skills, you can also take a look at our Sales Representative resume samples. If you have any experience writing a car sales resume, feel free to share your thoughts, including some of the challenges you may have faced.

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