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Custodian Resume Samples

In most cases, working as a custodian does not require prior experience or any education above high school. However, in some cases getting a good job as a custodian with decent pay and benefits requires a strong application, and a good custodian resume. A strong custodian resume is especially important for applicants seeking a position as a head custodian or a supervisor.

Custodians are responsible for cleaning spaces and disposing of trash. They may also perform other maintenance duties, such as securing buildings or fixing equipment that no longer works properly. Custodians might also be referred to as janitors or maintenance workers, as all three perform similar duties. Read on for access to two free sample resumes. Each custodian resume template is downloadable.

Custodian Resume Sample 1

Alyssa Danielle Johnson
205 E. Main Street, Cantrell, Georgia, 54321

Five years of experience working in janitorial services. Seeking a position as a custodian that will allow me the freedom to work independently and showcase my housekeeping skills and organizational skills.

Working Experience
May/2014–July/2017 RJY Cleaning and Sanitation Atlanta, Georgia


  • Collect all trash and recyclable material;
  • Clean all bathrooms in large, warehouse facility;
  • Replenish soap, toilet paper and other supplies in restrooms;
  • Dust and disinfect all countertops and tables;
  • Mop and sweep all concrete floors. Vacuum carpeted areas;


  • Cut cost of cleaning supplies by switching to a less expensive, diluted disinfectant;
  • Was promoted to lead custodian after one year on the job;
  • Acted as point of contact for all maintenance concerns for the building, including the repair and replacement of locks and security equipment;

January/2012–March/2014 Davenport Cleaning Services Atlanta, Georgia


  • Worked as part of a 5-member team of janitors serving on the day shift at an apartment complex;
  • Responsible for cleaning vacant units;
  • Acted as point of contact for residents with maintenance problems;
  • Cleaned and disinfected laundry facility and community pool house;
  • Operated lawn mowers and weed eating equipment;


  • Helped employer maintain high sanitation rating;
  • Earned highest grades on yearly performance assessment evaluations;
  • Helped employer save money on labor costs by assisting the contractor with the planting and maintenance of new flowers and shrubbery;

Education and Academic Training

  • Glenn Valley High School–Diploma (2011)
  • Yellow Valley Community College–Industrial Maintenance Certificate (2013)

Job Related Skills

  • Operate floor buffer;
  • Experience handling and mixing disinfectants and cleaning chemicals;
  • Knowledgeable and compliant to all safety hazard rules;
  • Experience maintaining a clean work environment for 100+ warehouse workers;
  • Experience maintaining a cleaning supplies inventory;
  • Ability to adapt to employer’s housekeeping protocol;

General Skills

  • Punctual;
  • Trustworthy key holder;
  • Ability to continuously lift up to 50 pounds;

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Custodian Resume Sample 2

Juan Antonio Valdez
619 Herndon Avenue, West Falls, Georgia, 99991

Seeking a position with an apartment complex or hotel that will allow me to display my housekeeping, lawn maintenance and plumbing skills.

Working Experience
August/2008–February/2017 FDS Board of Education, Cambridge, Georgia


  • Swept, vacuumed and mopped all walkways;
  • Cleaned bathrooms, classrooms and meeting halls;
  • Greeted teachers and students pleasantly;
  • Cleaned up unexpected lunchroom spills and messes;
  • Disinfected and cleaned large auditorium and gymnasium;


  • Named by superintendent as staff member of the year;
  • Honored at staff luncheon for eight years of continuous service;
  • Received a “high pass” rating on all job performance assessments;
  • Awarded two merit raises for outstanding work performance;

November/1999–June/2008 Appelmans & Gunther Staffing Agency


  • Mopped floors and operated floor buffer for overnight warehouse cleaning team;
  • Maintained cleaning supplies inventory;
  • Disinfected and cleaned all bathrooms and staff offices;
  • Acted as key holder responsible for unlocking and securing all doors and gates;


  • Trained three new hires in the use of disinfectants and other chemical supplies;
  • Organized janitorial supplies using a color coded system, which resulted in a more efficient process for locating supplies;
  • Assisted with implementation of new recycling program;

Education and Academic Training

  • East Appleton High School (Diploma) 1997

Job Related Skills:

  • Well-versed in mixing disinfectants and other cleaning supplies;
  • Trained in use of floor buffers, snow blowers and leaf blowers;
  • Ability to keep all janitorial equipment organized in a neat, clean supply closet;
  • Follow and understand all safety protocols;

General Skills:

  • Flexible;
  • Punctual;
  • Ability to comprehend and follow a daily, rigorous cleaning schedule;
  • Adapt well to new management and safety procedures;

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Custodians are responsible for keeping structures and grounds clean. Gaining employment as a custodian does not generally require a higher education degree, and the field is relatively easy to enter. However, a good custodian resume will help ensure that you get the job you want. For more tips, you can also check our janitor resume examples. Download the templates above and use them to guide you in writing an effective custodian resume.

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