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As the medical field grows, the need for competent and hardworking individuals increases. As such, it can seem intimidating to stand out from the sea of aspiring candidates to obtain that job! Medical assistants are incredibly important to all medical personnel, so it’s always a good idea to set yourself apart with a concise and professional cover letter.
Cover letters seem to have a stigma attached that conveys a sense of dread to the applicant. It can be a challenge to ensure you’ve covered everything that needs to be addressed, so here are a couple of different medical assistant cover letters for you to start your journey!

Medical Assistant Cover Letter Sample 1

Lucy K. Adams
2001 Laketown Drive, Los Angeles, California, 90009
(555) 123-4567 (Home)

March 3, 2017

Cindy Maher
Hiring Manager
Swanson Medical Group
678 Rockwell Lane, Los Angeles, California, 90101

Dear Mrs. Maher,

I am interested in your advertisement on for the position of a medical assistant. Through my experience and education, I possess the qualifications for this position. I recently graduated from Los Angeles Technical College on May 20, 2014. During my course of study, I worked with several doctors to learn different aspects of medical assisting. In short, I have experience working with doctors specializing in general medical practice, pediatrics, and cardiovascular settings.

Currently, I am working in a pediatrician’s office with Dr. Robertson, MD. My job involves all aspects within the office. While I serve as an assistant directly to Dr. Robertson, I also help all physicians when possible. As part of my receptionist duties, I am in charge of scheduling appointments, filing charts, processing payments, and assisting patients in the front of the office. I also work in the back office. I clean the examination rooms, collect patient vital signs and chief complaints, as well as assisting the doctor with various patient exams. As a medical assistant, I do a little of everything in the office.

My current position was offered to me immediately following externship. During my time with Dr. Robertson, I have received several different awards that all employees strive to obtain. For example, my most prestigious award is “Medical Assistant of the Year” through the office. Additionally, I have received two different perfect attendance plaques. While the recognized accomplishments give me pride, my biggest rewards are simply helping each patient to stay happy and healthy.

Through my time of education and experience, I have mastered many skills in medical assisting. In the front office, I am in charge of administrative duties. Some of the most important skills I’ve mastered administratively include filing insurance forms, scheduling appointments and follow-ups, supplies management, phone triage, and room preparations. Clinically, in the back office, I have more skills that I use each day. Some clinical skills I practice include taking and recording vital signs, giving injections, lab testing, patient education, and assisting the doctor with procedures and exams.

In conclusion, I feel that I would be an ideal candidate for the advertised medical assisting position in your office. I have spent several years increasing my knowledge and skills to ensure I am capable of assisting both doctors and patients in the medical office. As previously mentioned, I possess the qualifications you are seeking in your potential medical assistant. I am skilled in both clinical and administrative facets. Additionally, I have an extensive knowledge of medical terminology and procedural information to work with your physicians in a professional and courteous manner. More importantly, I carry a sincere passion to keep patients healthy.


Lucy K. Adams

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Medical Assisting Cover Letter Sample 2

Michael Kendall
560 Honeysuckle Drive, Detroit, Michigan,12345
(555) 987-0987 (Home)

February 19, 2015

Katie Parker
Kensington Urgent Care
8560 Highway 26, Detroit, Michigan, 81092

Dear Mrs. Parker,

My name is Michael Kendall, and I recently came across your advertisement on Yahoo Jobs for a medical assistant. As a current lab assistant, I am extremely interested in that position. I graduated from a medical assisting course of study from the Technical College of Detroit in December of 2009. Since that time, I have worked as a medical assistant until I accepted my current position as laboratory assistant.

As stated, I’ve worked as a medical assistant as well as a laboratory assistant. As an intern as a medical assistant, I was able to fully understand all the different aspects of that particular job. I previously worked with Dr. Fredrickson, MD, at the West Detroit Medical Center. During that time, I worked in both front and back office. My administrative duties were not as frequent as my back office responsibilities. Primarily, I was in the back office assisting Dr. Fredrickson in taking care of patients. I collected vital signs, charted patient complaints and symptoms, processed specimen samples, and assisted the physician with all procedures and exams. I was also responsible for providing education to all patients regarding a variety of topics. As a lab assistant, I do not work as closely with patients. My main job now includes processing all samples within the pathology lab.

During my medical career, I’ve experienced a variety of accomplishments. I have received several different awards that include perfect attendance, best patient service, and top lab assistant. I try my hardest to provide a precise level of accuracy when examining lab samples. When I worked directly with patients, I kept the highest level of compassion for my patients.

I have a varying degree of skills within the medical field. I do have some skills with administration which include scheduling appointments, collecting payments, and answering patient questions. My clinical skills are extremely strong. I have years of experience working with patients to obtain vital signs, assisting with exams, practicing phlebotomy, and giving patient education. Additionally, I have an advanced set of skills I use in the lab. I have a very high ability of paying attention to minute details to analyze specimen samples correctly. I possess strong manual dexterity and eye sight. I have coordination and patience. I have made a habit of double-checking my work so my results are consistent, accurate, and reliable.

In conclusion, I feel that I am the candidate you seek for your medical assisting position! As I’ve mentioned previously, I have experience working as a medical assistant as well as a lab assistant. My knowledge in the medical field is very extensive and grows each day. I would love the opportunity to work as a part of your group and assert my strengths as a valued team member. My skills and knowledge are part of the qualifications you seek, and I am more than confident I would excel in this position.


Michael Kendall

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Composing a medical assistant cover letter, again, can seem like a challenging feat. It is always a little intimidating when you are searching for a job. Remember, your goal in a cover letter is to set yourself apart and quickly tell the hiring managers why they need you on their team. With that, you need to include some personal information, such as your name, address, phone number, and email address; the manager needs a way to reach you when they’ve become impressed by your medical assistant cover letter and medical assistant resume. A good idea for your medical assistant cover letter is to include a brief overview of your past related experiences and education.

Have you ever written your own cover letter for medical assistant? Help others by sharing your experiences about it! Medical assistants are a family, so we have to help each other!

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