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An internship cover letter has to work a bit harder than a typical cover letter because you are looking to gain the experience through an internship that you do not yet have. Because of this, the internship cover letter needs to focus on your goals a bit more than your achievements. However, it is still important to mention previous work and extracurricular experience.

In a cover letter for internship positions, it is best to tell the recipient about what you are currently studying and how you plan to apply your education to a future career. It is also important to mention why you think having an internship at their specific company will help you achieve your career goals. In your internship cover letter, aim to make yourself seem like a strong future candidate for a full-time position.

Internship Cover Letter Sample 1

Tracy Martin
24 Main Street, Columbus, OH 05586
March 16, 2017

Carol White
Hiring Manager
Caring Hands Hospice
874 Grove Street, Columbus, OH 05541

Dear Ms. White,

I am writing to apply for the friendly visitor internship at Caring Hands Hospice. I learned of this opportunity through the career center at the University of Ohio. There, I am working towards my master’s degree in social work and plan to graduate in 2018. My focus has been on geriatrics and I am further narrowing my interests to revolve around hospice care.

I will soon be entering my final year of graduate school after studying social work throughout my entire college career. My 3.8 GPA shows my dedication to this field, as well as my success in several other internship opportunities I have had along the way. I am currently finishing up an internship at Family Life, where I provide in-home visits to people who are isolated to their home in some way. I am confident that this experience will help me hit the ground running while interning for Caring Hands Hospice.

I have consecutively received positive reviews from my clients at Family Life, and have a 100% request rate to return. I realize the importance of acknowledging and getting to know the family and other caregivers of my clients, which has helped families quickly adjust and become comfortable with my presence. My current supervisor is eager to provide a strong recommendation.

My job skills in social work have become very refined over the past few years. I have narrowed down my passion from simply helping people in general to focusing on end-of-life care. Because of my drive, determination, and a clear vision of my goals, I feel I will be a strong intern for Caring Hands Hospice. I am already familiar with the regulations and guidelines when it comes to one-on-one visits as well as HIPAA and confidentiality laws, and I have been trusted in my current position to handle confidential information properly.

I know I am a strong candidate to be an intern at Carings Hands because of my previous experience working one-on-one with clients and my success in my master’s program. My goal, with your company’s help, is to begin a long-term career in the hospice field helping patients and families through this trying time in life. I will follow up with you in the next two weeks to further discuss my candidacy.


Tracy Martin

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Internship Cover Letter Sample 2

John Garrett
478 Tapoan Street, Newport, Maine 01186
March 16, 2017

Bill Wells
Hiring Manager
Incentive Marketing
336 Saint David’s Street, Newport, Maine 01181

Dear Mr. Wells,

I am writing to apply for the marketing assistant internship that is being offered at Incentive Marketing. I learned about this opportunity from my current marketing professor at Maine University, Dr. Yeong. I am currently majoring in marketing and plan to graduate with my bachelor’s degree in 2018. Upon graduating, I hope to start a full-time position with a firm such as your own.

I am currently a full-time student, however, I just completed a marketing internship at NetDirect. In this position, I had hands on experience working with direct internet marketing campaigns. I designed email blasts that were received by both current and potential clients, as well as proofread and edited hard documents that were composed by staff in upper-level management positions.

One of my biggest achievements while interning at NetDirect was catching a critical mistake in an important document that had already passed through several employees. As the last person to see this document, I saved the company time, money, and their positive reputation. This shows my superiors my strict attention to detail, which led them to then pass all documents through me before releasing them.

Aside from my attention to detail, I have very strong time management skills. I know how to prioritize my work so nothing gets left undone at the end of my day. I also have a strong knowledge of computer editing software and experience with graphic design, which helped me in the past when creating email blasts for clients. I brought a fresh perspective to NetDirect that helped them update their materials.

I would like to intern for Incentive Marketing because your smaller company culture is where I can see myself long-term. I would be a great asset to your team as an intern, bringing my sharp computer knowledge along with my very up-to-date marketing education. I will follow up with you within the next two weeks to discuss moving forward with this opportunity.


John Garrett

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In your cover letter for internship positions, it is important to clearly state how you are already off to a great start in being successful in your future career. Come across as being passionate about your education, as well as still having a thirst for knowledge in the industry.

A cover letter for internship positions should let the hiring manager know that you want to learn from their company, in particular, for a specific reason. This will help them answer the question of why they should pick you as an intern over another candidate. If your future goals align with their company, they may see this as a chance to train you to be a long-term employee for the future.

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