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A customer service representative performs a wide range of support functions in all sales-based industries. Typical daily job duties include answering high-volume phone calls, responding to customer questions and complaints, assisting with billing discrepancies, performing issue escalation, and entering or maintaining client data into computer systems. While such jobs are abundant in the market, they are often very competitive as turnkey positions in larger companies. Therefore, writing a clear and impactful customer service cover letter is critical to setting your application apart from those of other prospective employees.

This article provides two examples of a cover letter for customer service job applications. Either may be customized to highlight your own skills and achievements.

Customer Service Cover Letter Sample 1

Janet Smith
100 Springhill Road
Plainview, WV 25000
[Insert Date]

Bob Moore
Director of Human Resources
ABC Technology
707 MLK Boulevard, Suite 100
Summertown, WV 20000

Dear Mr. Moore,

I was pleased to see ABC Technology’s position announcement seeking Customer Service Agents in Sunday’s issue of the Daily Mail. I earned my associate’s degree in IT administration at West Virginia Technical College in 2015 . My two years of customer service experience in a mid-sized technology company’s helpdesk center have provided me with critical skills for success. Your company seems like it would be an excellent fit for my experience, education, and interests.

After graduation, I began working for my current employer, XYZ Software. Employing approximately 100 individuals, the company primarily produces software for security management. In my role as a helpdesk assistant, I take incoming service requests, questions, and complaints via telephone and email. Determining the appropriate solution, prioritization, escalation as required, and electronic file documentation are key contributions I make toward the overall quality of a customer’s experience.

During my time in my current position, I have received over 40 five-star reviews from customers that I have assisted. Two of my reviews are utilized on the company’s website as testimonials. My excellent internal reviews have led to increased, progressive responsibility over the past year. I now assist new helpdesk employees with basic onboarding and mentorship for proper telephone etiquette.

Developing my skills has been one of the most rewarding parts of working in customer service. Using various computer systems, keeping digital records, answering high volume calls, and taking responsibility for the end result of a customer’s request have provided me with the ability to work efficiently and effectively in a service environment. Team building, accountability, and goal setting have been part of my training.

Despite all that I have learned with my current employer, it is time for me to move forward into a more challenging position. The current opening at ABC Technology offers an exciting next-step in a technology services career path with greater opportunity for personal and professional growth. My background in technology and customer service at a high-volume center provides me with the necessary skills to succeed. A strong dedication to excellent customer care, evidenced by customer and employer reviews, demonstrates that I’d be an asset to your company.

Warm regards,
[Insert signature]

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Customer Service Cover Letter Sample 2

Andrew Calhoun
5000 Sunset Lane
Lake Town, NJ 08000
[Insert Date]

Jessica McNeill
Search Manager
World Travel, Inc
200 George Washington Blvd
Pittville, PA 19100

Dear Ms. McNeill,

After reading your job posting for a customer service agent on the World Travel, Inc website, I immediately began working on my cover letter and resume for submission. After receiving my diploma in office management from Burlington Vocational School, I set out to see as much of the world as possible. During my travels throughout the United States, I have worked in customer service for a combined total of five years. This experience has been in a variety of industries, including retail support and utility support. I am very excited to combine my passion for travel with my love of customer service at World Travel, Inc.

My most recent customer service position was with New Jersey Water Company, a utility company serving approximately 80,000 customers. In this position, I answered telephone calls from customers with service requests, including turn-off and turn-on service, billing disputes, and questions. This position included 24-hour shift availability, a high-level of confidentiality, and an ability to work with customers to establish payment plans prior to account termination.

I was proud to achieve excellent percentages of keeping my accounts up-to-date, even when working with habitually terminated customers. My flexibility to work any shift and aptitude at learning systems quickly led to me being used as an overnight team supervisor, being responsible for setting all work orders for the morning shift.

Throughout my five-year career, I have developed excellent communication skills and the ability to perform even the most sensitive collections with grace and confidence. My expertise in Microsoft includes Word, Excel, and Outlook. A strong knowledge of CRM software, ACD telephone systems, and data security regulations rounds out my extensive technical skills.

Working in travel management is a great opportunity for me. Moreover, I consider my unique, diverse experiences both professionally and personally to be an excellent asset to your company. My passion and enthusiasm, coupled with real-world experience, make me a great fit for the customer service position at World Travel, Inc.

[Insert signature]

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In addition to an outstanding customer service resume, a winning customer service cover letter must be tailored to the position for which you are applying. While no one cover letter is a one-size-fits all solution, these examples show how writing about your specific background and interests is essential for success. Your cover letter should have short, clear paragraphs that are well-written while still demonstrating your personality. Do you have experience in writing a cover letter for customer service that worked particularly well (or not so well)? We’d love to hear about them.

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