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Receptionist Cover Letter Samples

If you want to land that perfect receptionist job, you have to make a powerful first impression. This will initially be done in your receptionist cover letter. Without an impactful receptionist cover letter, you are relying on your resume to pique the interest of the hiring manager. This might be difficult, considering they are likely receiving hundreds of resumes.

From showing your strong written communication skills up front to letting them know when you will be contacting them, a cover letter for receptionist job positions can solidify your candidacy and help you land an interview. Here are two receptionist cover letter samples that will give you an idea of how to make a memorable first impression.

Receptionist Cover Letter Sample 1

Alexandra Miller
54 Main Street, Dallas, Texas 75262
575-428-9419 (Mobile)
March 15, 2017

Ms. Kelly Vincent
Hiring Manager
Loyall and Company
735 East Street, Dallas, Texas 75263

Dear Ms. Vincent,

I am writing to apply for the receptionist position you posted on In addition to my bachelor’s degree in communications from California State University, I also have over ten years of receptionist experience in both large and small corporations. Thus, I have the skills to effectively manage a busy work environment with a large professional staff, while also understanding the importance of being personable and professional. I know that a strong support staff is vital to a successful business.

In my current position at Marketing Partners, Inc., I have learned the techniques of multitasking under pressure. I work directly for the Chief Operations Officer, managing her schedule along with any departmental needs of a segment of staff. Additionally, I put together all of the materials for business proposals for our clients. This gives me the great responsibility of ensuring their accuracy and delivery.

One of my greatest achievements here at Marketing Partners was to streamline the internal server. I am proud that now it is efficient place for everyone in the company to communicate and share documents. This has greatly reduced the time it takes to do everyday processes. It also has created a user-friendly platform for the entire staff. Additionally, in Q3 of 2016, saved the company over $7,000 by researching other technology vendors and securing a better deal. During company evaluations, I have consistently rated in the top 90th percentile by my colleagues and bosses for my positive attitude and competence at work.

My communication, organization, customer service, and administrative skills align with the ideal long-term employee you are recruiting. My strong work ethic, patience, and efficiency are immeasurable qualities that I have gained while working as a receptionist. I adapt quickly to change and new routines and am always eager to learn.

Due to my experience and my dedication to putting clients’ needs first, I am the ideal candidate for this position. I am certain that my qualifications will exceed the expectations you have for the receptionist position at Loyall and Company. In the next two weeks, I will follow up with you  to further discuss this opportunity.


Alexandra Miller

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Receptionist Cover Letter Sample 2

Alison Macias
185 Greene Street, Tampa, Florida 35262
757-421-6919 (Mobile)
March 15, 2017

Ms. Shannon Taylor
Director of Operations
Huntsinger and Company
64 Pine Street, Tampa, Florida 35263

Dear Ms. Taylor,

After discovering your need for a receptionist at Huntsinger and Company through, I was eager to learn more about this opportunity. With 11 years of receptionist experience, and several achievements through the course of my career, I am confident that my education and experience make me the ideal candidate for this position. With a bachelor’s degree in accounting, I have mastered the specific skills emphasized in your job listing, including analysis, organizational analysis, savings, and planning.

My current position at Impact Company has taught me how to effectively predict clients’ needs with little to no supervision. I am seasoned at managing several high priority tasks simultaneously, and have earned the trust of my superiors to do so while maintaining strict confidentiality to sensitive documents. I also act as the gatekeeper and leave the final impression as people leave, which reflects well on the company as we receive clients.

While at Impact Company, I have accomplished several things that have helped to save the company time and money. I researched and recovered $12,000 in undue payments from past inaccurate billings. Another achievement I am proud of is the reduced travel expenses by 35% for our senior staff through lower cost routes. I also secured a 15% increase in new accounts in the past fiscal year through actively following up with prospective clients.

The skills that make me stand out from other candidates are my ability to take initiative and the ability to identify where changes in processes can be made to benefit the business. While I am very focused on my daily tasks, I still make it a priority to be warm and friendly both on the phone and in person, no matter how much work I have on my plate at the moment.

I would love to have the opportunity to speak to you in more detail about this position. In this respect, I will follow up with you within the next ten days to discuss the possibility of moving forward with the next steps to begin working with Huntsinger and Company. Due to my dedication to success, I am confident that we can create a mutually beneficial and long-lasting business relationship.


Alison Macias

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While there are many different approaches you can take for your cover letter for receptionist positions, it is important that it highlights your best qualities and why it would benefit their company to hire you over someone else. You have to communicate what makes you different and why you would be a good investment for them to make. ALthough you are leaving the ball in your own court when it comes to your next communication, leave them eager to contact you first.

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