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Dental Assistant Cover Letter Samples

Dental Assistants are healthcare professionals with the job of examining patients’ teeth and gums, cleaning the teeth, and providing preventative care. Specifically, Dental Assistants remove stains, tartar and plaque from the teeth, and may perform cosmetic procedures such as whitening. The Dental Assistant is also responsible for taking and analyzing dental x-rays to determine if any problems exist. They work directly with the dentist to provide comprehensive dental and oral care to patients, including application of protective sealants. In most cases, a Dental Assistant cover letter is required with your application, which will be reviewed by the practicing dentist. Writing a clear, concise Dental Assistant cover letter is essential to setting yourself apart from the other applicants.

Provided in this article are two samples of a cover letter for Dental Assistant opportunities. Use the examples as a guideline for your own winning cover letter.

Dental Assistant Cover Letter Sample 1

Janet Smithfield
400 Sutton Park Road
Riverton, NV 00057
[Insert Date]

Arnold Tanner, DMD
Owner and Sole Practitioner
Tanner Dentistry
1200 Rainbow Bridge Road
Summersville, NV 20000

Dear Dr. Tanner,

Please consider my enclosed resume for the Dental Assistant position at Tanner Dentistry. I was excited to read the job announcement on [insert website], as I have been seeking to relocate to the Summersville area in the near future. I am a Certified Dental Assistant, having received my dental assisting diploma from University of Nevada School of Dentistry and passed my state boards in 2014. Since graduating, I have worked for over two years in a high-volume community dental clinic.

My current position of Dental Assistant at Riverton Community Dentistry has focused on providing comprehensive hygiene and preventative care to a diverse urban population. Often seeing over 20 patients in a day, it has been critical to provide efficient care and public health information in a high-pressure environment. This service has included chairside assistance, teeth and gum cleanings, x-rays and analysis, temporary crown and fillings, and the application of sealants.

I have worked very closely with the community outreach coordinator and the school dentistry program to provide on-site exams to at-risk youth at no cost. This endeavor has also focused heavily on teaching proper oral hygiene, nutrition, and the value of dental sealants. Part of my community work has involved fundraising through local businesses and providing data for our grant writers. Overall, the project has seen a decrease of 15% in necessary extractions and a 38% decrease in cavities in the population served.

Working with patients of all age groups has given me the skill to perform very soft-touch procedures, making me the most requested Assistant at Riverton Community Dentistry. I have developed excellent communication skills, as well the ability to speak essential Spanish. Managing heavy workloads has helped improve my efficiency and time management skills, including scheduling and patient follow-up software. Above all, my community experience has taught me compassion is the best path to care.

While I have vastly enjoyed my time with my current employer, I am seeking to relocate to the city and continue working with pediatric dentistry. I believe my education and background, coupled with my commitment to education and compassionate care, make me an ideal candidate for the position at Tanner Dentistry.

Warm regards,
[Insert signature]

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Dental Assistant Cover Letter Sample 2

Adam Johnson
1 Edward Street
Lumberville, NJ 08000
[Insert Date]

Scott Weber, DMD
Senior Practitioner
Weber and McDonnell Family Dentistry
40 Nutmeg Drive
Lumberville, NJ 08000

Dear Dr. Weber,

It was a pleasure meeting you at the Lumberville Business After Hours event on March 3rd. As you recommended, I reviewed the Weber and McDonnell Family Dentistry website for the Dental Assistant opening. As a Certified Dental Assistant, I received my dental assisting diploma from the New Jersey Technical College in 2014 and passed my board examinations in early 2015. I have nearly two years of experience in a mid-sized family practice setting and am excited to move into a larger practice to reach my career goals.

After graduation, I began work at Longstreet Family Dentistry. In this position, I am responsible for basic office management duties such as greeting patients, maintaining files, and scheduling. I provide assistance to four practicing dentists, serving primarily pediatric patients. I provide cleaning and hygiene instruction services, x-ray collection, fluoride administration, sealant application, and equipment sterilization.

Even during my relatively short tenure with Longstreet Family Dentistry, I have been proud to develop a reputation for gaining patient confidence and treatment compliance by utilizing high-quality photographs and dental models. These visual and hands-on demonstrations have proved invaluable in communicating the needs for and benefits of treatments, as well as correct hygiene procedures.

My experience in the practice has provided me with a demonstrated ability to complete Dental Assistant tasks independently and efficiently. I have a good knowledge of x-ray interpretation, and expertise in important subjects such as infection control and equipment sterilization techniques. Working in a smaller practice has also given me the opportunity to hone basic office skills such as reception etiquette, filing, mail management, scheduling, and patient database updates. I am adept with a variety of programs, Microsoft Office, and learning new technologies quickly.

My assets in education and experience would make me an excellent candidate for the Dental Assistant position at Weber and McDonnell Family Dentistry. I look forward to talking to you about my passion for my work and commitment to the practice’s success.

[Insert signature]

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In addition to a good Dental Assistant resume, a Dental Assistant cover letter is often an opportunity to speak directly to the dentist for which you would like to work. It should be brief and to the point, but should always include your core qualifications for the job (such as certifications). We would be interested in your experiences writing a Dental Assistant cover letter and what seemed to work best for your success.

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