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Executive Assistant Cover Letter Samples

An Executive Assistant supports key executive-level staff members in organizations in performing their critical job duties. Executive Assistants are generally expected to work independently to prepare correspondence, presentations and reports. Exceptional abilities in communication and time management are required, as is a high-level attention to detail and a capacity for scheduling multiple complex calendars. Writing a highly polished and professional Executive Assistant cover letter is often a key component in your job application success; it gives the hiring manager an opportunity to review not only your background and skills, but also your writing style.

This article showcases two samples of a cover letter for Executive Assistant jobs. Use the samples as a template to create your own personalized cover letter.

Executive Assistant Cover Letter Sample 1

Jeremiah Wills
500 Laurel Court
Springtown, AL 25000
[Insert Date]

Cynthia Smith
Director of Human Resources
All Saints University
500 College Drive
Summersville, PA 19000

Dear Ms. Smith,

As a veteran Executive Assistant, I have been looking for a position that would match my skills with an exciting position that offers opportunity for personal growth. I was pleased to see All Saints University’s February 3rd announcement seeking an Executive Assistant to the Dean. I received my bachelor’s degree in business administration at the University in 2005. With over ten years of experience in executive administration, I have the experience and skills necessary to perform the highest quality work for the University.

I began working for my current employer, Tracewell Community College, in 2012. This is a community-based higher education institution serving approximately 4,000 students. In my role as Executive Assistant to the Director of Admissions, I have played a key role in ensuring the timely and correct delivery of admissions and acceptance materials, correspondence, and telephone communications with applicants. I represent the college at college fairs and recruiting events, and prepare cross-departmental schedules for recruitment in music, arts, and athletics.

One of the challenges that presented during my time at Tracewell Community College was the college’s system-wide switch to a new applicant and student information tracking and content management system. Not only was I responsible for quickly learning the new system, but was also tasked with creating backup databases and training other administrative staff on use. We were able to successfully deploy the new system without any data loss and 30 days ahead of schedule.

I possess high-level office administration skills, including typing over 85 words per minute and having superior Microsoft Office knowledge. Career development has been a keen interest of mine, and I have taken advantage of seminars and online classes to develop my assets. I have taken ongoing coursework in Google Slides for presentations, advanced Photoshop, QuickBooks, and various email campaign management tools.

I am interested in the current opening at All Saints University for the unique challenges it offers in working with multidisciplinary teams and more interaction with the student population. My background in admissions has helped me hone my public relations skills and my ability to communicate effectively with university departments. While bringing over ten years of experience in executive administration, I also can offer the University a strong understanding of higher education and industry best practices.

Warm regards,
[Insert signature]

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Executive Assistant Cover Letter Sample 2

Mary Ann Singleton
99 Timothy Square
Lakeville, WI 20000
[Insert Date]

Harry Simmons
CEO and President
Simmons Autoworks
2000 Midfield Blvd
Pittville, PA 19100

Dear Mr. Simmons,

I have been seeking a position of increased responsibility in my career of office administration. When I saw your job posting for an Executive Assistant in Sunday’s issue of the Gazette, I was excited about the opportunity to bring my education and experience to Simmons Autoworks. I received my associate’s degree from Pittville Community College in 2010 and have worked in progressively advanced office roles for over six years. I believe my education, strong office aptitude, and excellent customer service skills would make me a great fit for your needs.

Most recently, I have worked as the head secretary at Logan Home Goods. The company is a mid-sized home goods store that offers in-store financing options. In this role, my duties included answering telephones, scheduling and arranging meetings, preparing correspondence for management staff, and monitoring receptionists for time and quality adherence. Twice annually, I assisted in preparing for the sales award banquets, including sending invitations and tracking responses. I frequently arranged travel, including air, car, and hotel, for the mobile sales team.

One key achievements at Logan Home Goods was my work in helping the company streamline their automated call distribution telephone system. Early during my tenure, I noticed that over 50% of the calls coming through the main switch were credit or billing inquiries. This was causing long wait times and customer dissatisfaction. By bringing the issue to my supervisor’s attention, we worked together to identify the receptionists’ needs, the customers’ needs, and the alternative systems. Ultimately, by changing the routing at the switch, the company was able to decrease hold time by 22% without hiring additional agents.

My administrative skills include expertise in the entire Microsoft Office Suite, a typing speed of 50 words per minute, experience with multi-line phone systems, and an understanding of office procedures. My background has also given me knowledge of several common customer relationship management programs and content management software. I have an extensive ability with collections, billing, and accounting, including privacy and confidentiality procedures.

I would love the opportunity to demonstrate how my background in administration in a sales environment makes me a strong candidate for the position at Simmons Autoworks. My background and passion for customer service make this an exciting possibility to advance my career path in a fast-paced sales environment.

[Insert signature]

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Besides a great Executive Assistant resume, your Executive Assistant cover letter is an essential part of your application. Use it as an opportunity to show your excellent written communication, describe your achievements and assets, and give an insight into your personality. Have you recently written an Executive Assistant cover letter that landed the job? Let us know about your experiences.

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