Nursing Cover Letter Samples

Anyone interested in learning how to write a nursing cover letter can get the help they need right here. The following two cover letters are designed to give you an insight into how these types of cover letters are written and what people who read them are looking for from you. You will learn how to structure the letter, what information to include, and the best way to phrase your information.

By following the nursing cover letter format represented in these two examples, you are more likely to succeed in finding the job of your dreams. So make sure to read every aspect of these samples correctly. Failure to miss an important step or to ignore crucial information on your nursing cover letter could destroy the effectiveness of it.

Nursing Cover Letter Sample 1

Brenda Rasmussen
14730 E. Fifth Street, Springfield, Illinois 62629
233-348-8372 (Home)

Mr. Lucas Thompson
East Lansing Hospital
5380 W. Spartan Street, East Lansing, Michigan 48808

Dear Mr. Thompson,
Having seen your application on, I believe I am a more than experienced nurse for your position. I graduated from Chicago State University in 2010 with a Bachelor’s Degree in nursing. While here, I did my student work at the Chicago City hospital. Here I experienced often difficult and challenging situations, including serious physical injury cases and electrical blackouts.

Currently, I am pursuing a Master’s degree in nursing. With this degree, I hope to expand my scope of care to include planning more detailed care plans for my patients. I believe that pursuing formal education is an important part of being a successful nurse.

My current position is a nursing assistant at Springfield Hospital. Here I help prepare various medications, work directly with patients on a daily basis, soothe their concerns, discuss their treatment methods, and communicate directly with the patient’s family members and friends. Though I am currently working on a part-time basis, I often receive overtime hours and have worked multiple shifts.

I understand the necessity of heavy work and am more than willing to pick up extra shifts. Dedication to hard work and improving the lives of my patients has always been my primary skill. In 2011, I was named “Nurse of the Year” at Springfield Hospital. The doctors who worked with me applauded my abilities in working directly with patients and my understanding of the delicacy of the nurse-patient relationship.

My job skills have been nurtured with various on-the-job training sessions. In the past, I have changed colostomy bags, worked in the operating room, taken blood pressure, given medication, and even assisted in emergency care. Patience is a virtue that all nurses must have, and it is one that has grown in me steadily over the years. Beyond my calm personal exterior, I am also a responsible employee who has received perfect attendance awards for four straight years.

Reading through your description of the position, I believe that my personality and attitudes fit in well with your hospital. Your dedication to providing personal and loving care suits my approach to nursing. I am fully confident that if you were to take a chance on hiring me, that you would find me to be a thoughtful, skilled, and dedicated nurse.

If accepted, I am willing to relocate immediately to the area. Beyond acclimating me to your general hospital atmosphere, I won’t require any general training. I am fully licensed and ready to benefit your hospital by providing the kind of care that your patients deserve.

Mrs. Brenda Rasmussen

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Nursing Cover Letter Sample 2

Timothy Packer
789 Johnson Street, Apartment 2, Alpena, Michigan 49746


Miss Lucy DeLucie
New York City Hospital
3553 E. Broadway, New York City, New York 32467

Dear Miss DeLucie,

After reading through the description of your nursing position, I feel that I am more than qualified to meet your requirements. With over 15 years of experience in the nursing field, I have worked in just about every possible situation you can imagine. For example, I have worked the last five years at the Alpena General Hospital, but I have also worked in hospitals across the nation. My first five years were spent in the fast-paced world of Los Angeles health care.

I received my nursing Bachelor’s degree at UCLA in 2001 and almost immediately started working in LA. While here, I learned how to work in a fast-paced environment that challenged all my skills. My current position is more low-key, but as AGH is the only hospital in the area, it is in high demand. I currently  specialize in dispensing and preparing intravenous medication.

My personal achievement here has come quickly, and I am currently a leader for my floor. We have the highest concentration of specialized care wards, making emergency preparation a necessity. I have held my leader position for the last three years. However, I feel that I have taken my skills as far as they can go in this particular environment and believe the more demanding environment of your hospital would suit my job skills.

Beyond the skills you’d imagine from a nurse, I am also well-respected for my leadership and training abilities. A year ago, the duty of acclimating new nurses to the hospital was given to me. My accomplishments here increased our nurse morale and improved our quality of care. In 2013, we were awarded “Most Improved Hospital” in the state, an accomplishment my supervisor said was heavily due to our success in nurse training.

My dedication to nursing and my experience in various positions makes me an excellent candidate for your available job. With over a decade of experience and the kind of leadership skills that make me easy to implement in your facility, it would take little to no training to prepare me for your hospital.

I believe that my experiences in Los Angeles are especially relevant for this position. I thank you for reading my nursing cover letter and look forward to hearing back from you. Please don’t hesitate to contact my superiors or references to get an idea of the range of my nursing skills.

Timothy Packer

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What makes these nursing cover letters effective? They outline each applicants’ education, qualifications, experience, and dedication in a concise and easy-to-read manner. Each sentence in the letters is arranged to draw the reader’s attention, highlight their love of their job, and impress the reader with the dedication to the position.

They also show off the person’s accomplishments in a way that doesn’t seem boastful or vain. Each applicant is working hard to demonstrate to the reader that their skills would be a benefit to the hospital in many ways. Make sure you follow these guidelines to get the nursing position you deserve. If you are a Certified Nursing Assistant, you can use our CNA Resume Samples when preparing your application.

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