Pharmacy Technician Cover Letter Samples

Becoming a pharmacy technician requires writing a high-quality pharmacy technician letter, two of which will be provided below for your use. They provide you with the guidance you need to increase your chances of getting this job. This position is one that works in a medical environment. Here, you will prepare medication for the pharmacy specialists. Other job duties consist of tracking medications, making sure they are prepared properly, double-checking each medication for accuracy, and talking to the public when filling their prescription or managing their personal needs.

In the following two pharmacy technician letter samples, you will learn how to write an interesting letter that draws the attention of a potential employer. You will also get an insight into how to arrange your educational, career, and personal information in a letter and how to highlight your experience in the best way. By following the samples highlighted in these two letters, you increase your chances of getting a job in this fun and exciting field.

Pharmacy Technician Letter Sample 1

Mary S. Bowman
14730 East Johnson Street, Tallahassee, Florida 32134
Telephone: 818-321-1234

Mr. Greg R. Thompson
Thompson Pharmacy
745 West Palmetto Avenue, Tallahassee, Florida 32134

Dear Mr. Thompson,

I saw your listing in the local Tallahassee newspaper and immediately knew I would make a good fit for your company. I went to pharmacology school for four years at Florida State University in the mid-2000s. Here, I briefly took several labs that helped prepare me for what I assumed would be a step in the direction towards obtaining my pharmacology degree and opening my own business. Unfortunately, family problems kept me from finishing my degree.

However, I was able to get a position at Tallahassee Pharmacy after dropping out that has been excellent preparation for your job. At this pharmacy, I have prepared a variety of medications while also studying very hard to finish my degree. This experience has taught me how to balance hard work and a personal life in an efficient manner. In fact, I am just one class short of finishing my Bachelor’s degree and should do so in the next semester.

My duties and accomplishments at my current position are many. For example, I’ve had to prepare dozens of medications during very busy times of the day. I’ve also worked to create a new system that streamlined the effectiveness of our accident-checking system. Since its implementation, I’ve helped decrease med errors by 75 percent. This accomplishment earned me “Employee of the Year” awards last year.

Job skills that I possess that would benefit this position include a high attention to detail and a strong ability to focus for extended periods of time. During my education and work experiences, I’ve learned how to concentrate heavily on critical tasks and how to avoid mistakes. I have also learned the valuable personal interaction skills that are so essential for a successful pharmacy.

I hope that this information illustrates to you what a great addition I would be to your company. My years of experience have helped prepare me for the kind of work that your position demands. I am excited about my potential to learn from you at this post and hope to hear back from you as soon as possible. My availability is limited to after 5:30 in the afternoon or before 9:30 in the morning.

Mary S. Bowman

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Pharmacy Technician Letter Sample 2

Jean L. Doogan
74 Moss Avenue, Boise, Idaho 48382
Telephone: 732-947-2312
Harold Dumar
Big Town Pharmacy

Dear Mr. Dumar,

My name is Jean L. Doogan, and I have 30 years in the pharmacy business. During the mid-80s, I attended Chicago State University and received an MA in Pharmacology. After that, I moved to Louisiana, where I opened my pharmacy and spent my entire career serving a small, but friendly, town. Since then, I’ve moved to the Boise area with my husband for my semi-retirement.

However, my love of the field has compelled me to answer your advertisement. I understand that you may want to hire somebody new to the field, but I bring with me 30 years of experience and expertise. Training wouldn’t be a necessity with me, as I’ve spent my whole life performing the duties outlined in your advertisement. For example, I’ve counted medications numberless times to ensure their number was accurate. These abilities have become, essentially, second nature to me.

When I owned my pharmacy, I was awarded a Louisiana state honor by not making a single medication error for over 25 years. My original business started out serving about a dozen people, but I expanded that business reach to include nearly everyone in the town. While I was the lead pharmacist in Louisana, I successfully trained over a dozen different technicians. Each has gone off to their successful pharmacological careers.

My job skills include the ability to sort medication, how to tell them apart on sight, working with a sometimes demanding public, and a strong memory that has helped me stay on personal terms with nearly everyone who walked into my pharmacy. Too few pharmacists or pharmacy technicians realize the importance of being kind and friendly with the people they serve. That is a mistake I have never made.

I hope my letter has piqued your interest because I haven’t been this excited about a job in years. While my successful business allowed me to retire early, I miss being out there and helping people out on a daily basis. If you hire me, I will bring my boundless enthusiasm and my decades of experience to your small pharmacy, providing you with a skilled pharmacy technician who truly loves what she is doing. I hope to hear back from you soon.


Jean L. Doogan

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As you can see, writing a good pharmacy technician letter isn’t as difficult as it seems. You just need to highlight your education in an easy way, showcase your experience in the pharmacy field, and discuss your love of the career. Coming across too strongly may seem a little excessive at first, but most potential employers will great enjoy an applicant who seems excited about getting a new job.

If this information interested you in any way or inspired you to write your pharmacy technician letter, please share your stories with us. You can also check our Pharmacy Technician resume samples to complete your application. Maybe you’ve already written a strong letter for a position like this and want to share it with the world. We’d love to hear from you!

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