Bartender Cover Letter Samples

This article will provide two bartender cover letter examples. A bartender’s job is to serve alcoholic drinks, maintain the cleanliness of the bar, and provide friendly customer service to all customers who might frequent the establishment. When you are composing a bartender cover letter, it is essential that you demonstrate your knowledge of alcoholic drinks. You’ll also want to place an emphasis upon your customer service skills. Your employer will be counting on you to be the face representing the business.

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Bartender Cover Letter Samples

Bartender Cover Letter Sample 1

Timothy Peterson
124 Vale Avenue, Tampa, Florida, 56321

Mr. Clark Rogerson
Rogerson Main Street Inn
32 Main Street, Tampa, Florida, 56321

Dear Mr. Rogerson,

I recently saw your job advertisement in The Tampa Weekly Star, and I am interested in applying for the open bartender position. My bartender cover letter will demonstrate that I have the skills and experience necessary to be a beneficial addition to your staff. I am a graduate of the American Bartending School, class of 2012, and have worked steadily as a bartender since graduation.

At my current job, I serve as the head bartender at Watson’s Night Club, located in Saint Petersburg. My primary responsibility there is to maintain a welcoming and fun environment for the guests, while overseeing the other bartending staff. While mixing drinks and handling any customer disputes, I cultivate the opportunity to upsell to our customers. My current employers trust that I can represent their goals, increase their customer base, and maintain the atmosphere of the club, while performing my bartending and supervisor duties.

In my current position, I have been able to introduce a new cocktail that has become quite popular at the club. My supervisory position also enabled me to physically reorganize the area behind the bar. Many of the other bartenders have expressed gratitude for the increase in efficiency that this has caused. I have also helped reduce operation costs by $10,000, through suggestions on the food and drink options.

As a bartender, I have the ability to prepare both alcoholic and non-alcoholic versions of patrons’ favorite drinks. Since I am certain of my mixology skills, I am always happy to answer any customer questions regarding what is in the drinks we serve. Additionally, I am skilled in taking orders from guests and collecting money from customers. Also, I have experience entering orders into the point-of-sale system. The ability to persuade excessive drinkers to curb their consumption in order to limit my employer’s potential liability is another skill I possess.

I enjoy the position I currently have, but I look forward to the new challenges and opportunities afforded by your current opening. Having grown up in Tampa, I look forward to bringing my teamwork and customer service skills to my hometown crowd. I very much anticipate the opportunity to further discuss this position with you, and to demonstrate in person my mixology abilities.

Timothy Peterson

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Bartender Cover Letter Sample 2

Janette Hogan
596 Marion, Ohio, 47856

Kathleen White
Daisy’s Night Club
21 W. Elm Street, Columbus, Ohio, 47856

Dear Mrs. White,

I am interested in applying for the position of bartender at your night club, as advertised in The Columbus Daily Star. In 2010, I successfully completed my studies at the Toledo Bartending School, where I was able to hone the skills needed to become a Nationally Certified Mixologist. Since graduation, I have worked steadily as a bartender in my current position, and my customer service and food serving skills were developed in a variety of waitressing jobs that I held for ten years, prior to becoming a bartender.

Currently, I work as the Mixology Specialist at Drake’s Main Street Bar in Marion, Ohio. In this position, I am the bartender in charge of preparing all of the alcoholic drinks for our guests. Additionally, this position allows me the challenge of training new bartenders. Along with my mixology duties, I oversee the washing and sterilization of glassware, and happily answer any questions that the customers or wait staff might have regarding the alcoholic content of our mixed drinks.

Although my primary duties are related to mixology, many of my accomplishments at the bar have come from other bartender duties. In 2011, I suggested a “pay in advance” system that dramatically cut down on the number of pending payments. On our busy weekend nights, when we have been short staffed, I have served more than 200 customers in an hour, and received a bonus for my efforts. In 2015 and 2016, I maintained perfect attendance. Last year, I introduced a new beverage that was able to bring in a profit of $1,000 in one night.

The skill that I am most proud of in my current position is the ability to provide quality experiences to all of our guests. I take pride in being able to make our guests have a great time at our bar, and feel that is part of my responsibility as a bartender. My mixology certification enables me to have an expert skill level in making classic and modern cocktails, as well as other mixed drinks. Having served as a waitress in both large and small-scale cafes, I am also adept at suggesting many food items off our menu.

Columbus has a reputation among bartenders as being an exciting and challenging place to further your skills. I look forward to continuing my growth in the city as your bartender. I will bring to the position all of my experience and enthusiasm. Also, I’ll bring the ability to mix any drink on your menu, along with several others that you probably don’t have on there quite yet! My resume is attached, and I cannot wait to discuss this position in greater detail.

Janette Hogan

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A bartender cover letter must be able to demonstrate your ability to work as part of a professional customer service staff. Simultaneously, you must use your cover letter to prove that you can blend in with customers, become a part of their daily conversations, and provide them with any drink that they might want. What type of bartender cover letter experiences have worked well for you when applying for your dream job?

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