Electrical Engineering Cover Letter Samples

Are you an electrical engineer trying to write a cover letter? This article will demonstrate two electrical engineering cover letter samples so that you can try to gain tips on how to improve your own. As an electrical engineer, you are constantly involved in the designing and development of new electrical equipment. On a regular basis, you are tasked with working with advanced computers and other electronic devices. When writing your electrical engineering cover letter, you will want to highlight these abilities. You will want to show your employer why you are the right person to deal with electricity for their company.

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Electrical Engineering Cover Letter Samples

Electrical Engineering Cover Letter Sample 1

Carrie Palmer
2210 Brooks Drive, Reno, Nevada 22336
August 22, 2018

John Lando
Human Resource Director
Andrews Systems
2000 West Industrial Parkway, Reno, Nevada 22336

Dear Mr. Lando,

Based on your posting on Indeed.com, I am highly interested in applying for the position of electrical engineer with your company. With ten years of experience in the field, I bring to the position a breadth of knowledge that will help me meet the demands of this challenging position within Andrews Systems. Having earned my Master’s Degree from Reno State University in electrical engineering, I will bring both advanced academic knowledge and first-hand experience as an engineer.

My main responsibilities in my current role as chief engineer at Albanna Tech involves overseeing the design, development, and testing of inertial sensors, gas, pressure, vibration, and force. I oversee a crew of ten other engineers, who range in experience and educational level. I play an active role in the entire design cycle in addition to my supervisor responsibilities. In order to see projects through to completion, I am involved in the prototyping, testing, and validating test plans.

As a supervisor, I have played an important role in preventing equipment downtime and lowering costs. When examining my achievements, I am proud to report that I have implemented maintenance plans that have helped to reduce unscheduled downtime due to equipment malfunction by 22%. I also implemented troubleshooting for previous wiring problems that resulted in a reducing of repair costs by over $150,000 during a 12-month period.

Although both my bachelor’s and master’s degrees were in electrical engineering, my practical experience has afforded me the opportunity to gain a diverse set of engineering skills. I am skilled in engineering aspects relating to power, signal processing, telecommunications, and computers. Both electronics and microelectronics are within my skill set. Both hydraulic and pneumatic systems are within my specialty as well.

I am very interested in bringing my expertise to your team of engineers. Please call me at your earliest convenience so that we can set up an interview to discuss my qualifications in greater detail. I look forward to discussing the ways in which I utilize my skills and experience in order to benefit your company.

Carrie Palmer

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Electrical Engineering Cover Letter Sample 2

Mike Davis
733 Apple Drive, Salt Lake City, Utah 22114
August 22, 2018

Jessica Wilkins
Human Resources Manager
Cartaka Industries
4785 Potts Avenue, Salt Lake City 22114

Dear Mrs. Wilkins,

Your company recently placed a job opening on Ogden University’s career counseling website for an electrical engineer. I graduated from that university with a bachelor’s in science in electrical engineering, and have since spent two years gaining practical experience in the field. I am interested in furthering my career as an automotive electrical engineer and feel that accepting the challenging position within your company would be an excellent way to achieve that goal.

At the present, I am employed at Todd Industries, a major automobile manufacturing plant in Utah. My duties in this role include maintaining, troubleshooting, and upgrading all of the plant’s electrical equipment. I am also in charge of making sure that repairs to the plant’s equipment are done smoothly in the most cost-efficient way possible. In my daily work environment, I operate a variety of sensors, including those used for force and gas. On a regular basis, I am responsible for performing quality and verification testing on all of the pumps, valves, sensors, and controls throughout the plant.

During the two years I have worked for this company, my maintenance and repair techniques have extended the typical lifespan of our electronic systems by an estimated 25%. My supervisors consistently acknowledge my ability to work well under the budget when executing equipment maintenance duties. I’ve also successfully led educational seminars on wireless communications and digital communications as our company strives towards greater computerization of the plant.

Throughout my employment, I have further developed the technical skills required of electrical engineers. I am skilled in the use of a wide variety of engines and motors. The use of digital signal processors and programmable logic controllers are part of my daily tasks. A sample of the electrical tools that I am proficient at include, but are not limited to: SPEL, SKM System Analysis, ETAP, and EasyPower.

Cartaka Industries has a reputation for employing only the very best electrical and computer engineers. I definitely look forward to contributing to this reputation. Throughout the week, I am available by phone only after 5 p.m., but I can be reached anytime by email. I am also willing to set up a Skype interview if it would be convenient for you.

Mike Davis

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When you are composing your electrical engineering cover letter, one of the things you should keep in mind is to highlight any specialized industrial knowledge that you might have. Although your educational degree will tell future employers how much academic understanding you have of your field, it will not allow them to understand how much specialized training you have received as part of your employment. Unique understanding of specialized systems will help to distinguish your skills from those of other potential employees. We invite you to share any other unique tips for composing the perfect electrical engineering cover letter!

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