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Personal Banker Cover Letter Samples

Are you a personal banker looking for a guide on how to write the perfect cover letter? Throughout this article, you will discover two personal banker cover letter examples that you can download and use as templates for drafting your own cover letter. Personal bankers are responsible for helping clients manage their money, and your cover letter must make it clear that this is a job that you can perform. Typically, cover letters for personal bankers will include skills such as account selection and new account transactions. Soft skills should include communication and familiarity with computer programs.

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Personal Banker Cover Letter Samples

Personal Banker Cover Letter Sample 1

Theodore Bishop
5423 Essex Street, Lansing, Michigan 41231
785-9654-8523 (Home)
July 3, 2018

Mrs. Elizabeth Gillman
Wonder Bank of Lansing
741 Beatty Avenue, Lansing, Michigan 41231

Dear Mrs. Gillman,

Upon learning of Wonder Bank of Lansing’s opening for a personal banking job courtesy of their website, I was compelled to submit my enclosed resume for your consideration. I have been an enthusiastic and devoted professional personal banker since graduating from Michigan State University in 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in business. My banking experience has centered around being familiar with the community’s expectations and culture, in addition to providing quality customer service and banking guidance. I would be interested in gaining more experience in the field by working at your establishment.

My job as a personal banker at my current workplace has allowed me to expand customer relationships by maintaining regular follow-ups with our customers. This has allowed me to train my ability to build a rapport with our client base. Daily tasks involve providing financial counseling and assisting customers in determining what lending services are the best choices for them. Other tasks require me to review, approve, and reject overdrafts and checks. Customers frequently come to me for advice on accounts, loans, and their statements.

In my position as a personal banker, I am consistently recognized as a top performer by my supervisors. In 2017, I was given a raise based on my superior customer service. I have also trained the bank’s tellers as they transitioned into the personal banking roles. My monthly sales goals have consistently been above the monthly target goals established by our branch.

Among my most noticeable skills is my knowledge of fraud prevention and risk management. Every time a customer comes into our branch seeking a loan, I view it as an opportunity to provide excellent customer service, as well as a way to prevent potential fraud. I am also highly skilled in providing account management. My ability to work with any group or individuals from diverse backgrounds is another significant strength. I remain very proud of the mentoring and training skills that I have built at this branch as well.

I have enclosed a resume along with several references from supervisors who can attest to my personal banker abilities, though I would be pleased to provide more if you require them. Due to my experience and educational background, I feel that I am uniquely qualified to serve as a personal banker at your branch. Should you wish to discuss this position with me in greater detail, please don’t hesitate to contact me through either email or phone.

Theodore Bishop

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Personal Banker Cover Letter Sample 2

Tina Dixon
854 Wise Avenue, Helena, Montana 55221
July 3, 2018

Andrew White
Hiring Manager
Helena City Bank
5412 Clement Street, Helena, Montana 55221

Dear Mr. White,

I discovered your job opening online through my alma mater, Montana State University. I received a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration from there in 2000, and have since worked steadily within the banking industry. For the past three years, I have worked as a personal banker at the Helena branch of Montana State Bank. A resume detailing my accomplishments, duties, and skills is attached. I believe that my background and professional experience would make me a valuable asset to your organization.

As a personal banker at my current place of employment, I conduct personal interviews and background credit checks in order to best perform a financial analysis. This helps me determine whether or not a customer is a good candidate for loan and credit options. I am responsible for keeping strict customer confidentiality and for updating all of the process reports. I also assist with opening new accounts. Often, this requires me to counsel potential clients on the benefits and potential downsides of using each of the programs that we offer.

While I have worked as a personal banker, I have increased our monthly revenue by over $200,000. I have been able to achieve this by increasing our client base in the retail and business sector. I have also served on our bank’s Policy Council, an organization that meets with our bank’s management to discuss the effectiveness of bank policies on a monthly basis. Throughout my time as a personal banker, I have consistently ranked in the top five of our state’s personal bankers in terms of sales.

My ability to cross-sell has been a definite job skill that has been richly cultivated while working as a personal banker. I am also highly skilled in risk assessment. My knowledge of banking and customer service policies is extensive, as is my familiarity with the variety of credit options available to potential customers. I am highly proficient in cash handling, and frequently exhibit my mathematical background. My written and oral communication abilities are outstanding, as is my ability to work both within a group and individually.

Please review my attached resume at your earliest convenience. I welcome the opportunity to further discuss my qualifications for your job opening with you. You may contact me as soon as possible through any of the contact information that I have included. I am available for phone, Skype, or face-to-face interviews.

Tina Dixon

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Personal bankers are expected to present a professional appearance in their daily work environment, and this should be true of a well-written personal banker cover letter as well. When viewing your cover letter, a potential employer should be able to see that you are capable of handling a customer’s potential financial questions. Potential employers also want to see that you can make decisions about loans and credit worthiness. If you are a new graduate, you will want to highlight your internships and any cash handling experience that you might have. What tricks have worked for you when writing personal banker cover letters?

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