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Bank Teller Cover Letter Samples

Bank tellers are the front line customer service representatives at bank branches. If you are a candidate that is applying for a position, you should craft a bank teller cover letter that details your experience and qualifications to be successful in the job. Don’t stop at the obvious though. Be sure to put your personality into drafting the letter. Let the potential new employer that you really are the perfect fit for the position.

We have 2 bank teller cover letter samples to give you an idea of how to craft your own cover letter. Use them to provide structure and also brainstorm ideas about what to include in your cover letter.

Bank Teller Cover Letter Sample 1

April E. Smith
123 Main Street, Folsum, Nebraska 02198
212-000-0902 (Home)

June 5, 2017

Alison Frederick
Bank of Sanderson
984 Allen Highway, Sanderson, Nebraska 02198

Dear Mrs. Frederick,

Regarding your ad in Sunday’s Sanderson Times, I am interested in applying for the bank teller position at your bank. I graduated from the University of Nebraska with a degree in Business in 2014, and I have three years experience as a bank teller with a local bank in my hometown. I also worked as an intern for 2 years in the local university credit union while I was in college.

Currently, I am the lead bank teller for Center Bank and Trust, a local bank located in Folsom. In that position, I have direct customer interactions on a daily basis assisting with transactions in the branch. I also take phone calls to assist customers with issues over the phone.

I have received positive perfomance reviews during my time at my current bank, and I was awarded “Bank Teller of the Year” last fall for my consistent positive reviews from our customer feedback forms. I treasured this award because working directly with the customer is my favorite part of being a bank teller. The best part is that I love the process of helping making a customer happy not only with my service but with our bank overall.

I continuously work on my skills as bank teller including staying on top of current rules and regulations that influence transactions. I also am excellent at active listening to better help to get the crux of a customer problem instead of guessing what might be the cause of the problem. Misunderstandings at the window can eat up valuable time for both tellers and consumers.

Thank you for your time. I am very interested in taking my current experience and growing it in a bigger bank. I would be thrilled if that bank was yours I feel my service skills could really benefit the Bank of Sanderson and its customers.


[Insert signature here]

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Bank Teller Cover Letter Sample 2

Carol Robbin
5847 Brander Road, Indianpolis, IN 07363
212/999-7531 (Home)

Martin Murray
Bank of Indiana
90 Fletcher Street, Indianapolis, IN 07364

Dear Mr. Murray,

I am writing to you with interest in the bank teller positon that was posted in Sunday’s Indianapolis Star. I have a Bachelors Degree from Indiana University, and I have 10 years of experience as a bank teller at a local credit union in the eastern part of the state.

Currently, I am a bank teller at a small credit union near the Ohio border. I handle member transactions (deposits, withdrawals, etc) both in our branch and on the telephone. I also spend 3 hours per week in a rotating online teller position where I handle member inquiries over the internet.

In the past 10 years at my current position, I have received glowing reviews each year and am particulary proud of my achievement in member service which is calculated based on member feedback surveys. I strive to make every member feel like I am there to support any assistance they need.

I have developed a lot of skills that increase my service over the last 10 years. I am able to very quickly handle cash which make the wait times for members less as well as allows me to see more members during my shifts. In addition, I am very accurate. I always have a balanced drawer at the end of my shifts.

I am currently looking for a position that is closer to my home in Indianapolis, and when I saw your ad, I was very excited. I would love to bring my experience to Bank of Indiana and continue growing while providing services to your customers. I grew up in the neighborhood of your branch so I really have a deep interest in serving your community.


[Insert signature here]

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Great cover letters are full of useful information and should also be very organized. Be sure to include information on how you found out about the position you are applying for, your educational background, and your current job experience. See more tips in our bank teller resume samples.

Pull out examples of how you’re excelling at your current position and what you’d bring to the new position. Let the hiring manager know that you are definitely interested and why. What makes you stand out in the crowd? Include it. Share examples of some of your best bank teller cover letters below.

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