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Photographer Resume Samples

Below you will find two photographer resume samples which you can use to create your own. Use the download buttons at the end of each sample and get your free copy of the resume. Use the content and mix it up with your personal information to produce the best CV.

A photographer can work in many industries and environments. These two criteria are what differentiate one photographer from another. For example, there are forensic photographers, nature, wildlife, wedding, babies, commercial, food photographers and so on. However, no matter what type you may be, you still need an awesome resume to secure the position you want.

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Photographer Resume Sample 1

Julie Ross

1987 My Drive, Garden City, New York, 11530


A. Summary

Eager, energetic, and dedicated professional photographer with years of experience in the domain of specialized photography. Very competent when it comes to capturing very high-quality images. I can also organize photo shoots with much confidence, professionalism, and discretion, no matter the subject. Apt at taking all kinds of photos, including wildlife, wedding, babies, and underwater. Will not shy away from risky and unsafe environments, such as mountainous regions, volcanoes, and secluded beaches. Very well-versed when it comes to equipment and tools for advanced photography.

B. Working Experience

  • August 2013 – Present – Copy Cat Photography Studio, Garden City, New York

Responsibilities: Capture realistic looking images as well as shoot videos as per the assignments that I received. Prepare and post-edit the images that I shot. Process all the photos in the sense of resizing as well as retouching them. Make sure that all the photos have the appropriate qualities, as requested by the clients. Work with said clients on deciphering the project and its demands. Expand the brief and make sure all its demands were met. Look for and prepare the shooting sites that were needed for each project. Set up the tools and equipment at the site of the photo shoot. Look for props if they were needed for a shoot. Search for extras to appear in the photos if they were needed.

Achievements: Published images of underwater life from the Atlantic Ocean in the Conde Nast Traveler’s Guide in the January 2015 issue. Conducted several highly successful wildlife photo shoots inside the Yellowstone National Park.

C. Education and Academic Training

  • Graduated from the Smith Community College in New York in 2010 with an Associate’s Degree in Photography

D. Job Related Skills

  • Outstanding aesthetic sense
  • Experienced in both traditional and digital photography
  • Proficient in working with post processing computer software
  • A very keen eye when it comes to colors, textures, light, design, and space
  • Very good with still, color, motion, and black and white imagery and photography

E. General Skills

  • Possess a driver’s license and have an excellent driving record
  • Willing to travel anywhere in the interest of work, including remote and dangerous areas
  • Diving certificate for underwater photography
  • Very good swimmer and mountain climber
  • Professional
  • Discreet
  • Willing to sign and NDA
  • Can work overtime including on holidays

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Photographer Resume Sample 2

Jamie Field

4071 Poling Farm Road, Omaha, Nebraska, 68137


A. Summary

A very experienced wedding photographer who is currently looking for a position in a company where I can use my skills, knowledge, and expertise to make people’s most special day even more special. So far, I have worked as a freelance wedding photographer, and part of my photos have been published internationally on specific websites and in magazines. I bring my catching enthusiasm to every single photoshoot I organize. Committed to delivering the results I have promised while still remaining true to my unique vision when it comes to art and photography.

B. Working Experience

  • September 2009 – Present – Freelance Wedding Photographer

Responsibilities: Taking high-quality photographs at weddings, before, during and after the reception. Executing the digital photography workflow, which consists of taking, downloading, then editing, if need be, printing if the client asks for it, backing up, and cataloging the pictures. Setting up the studio or area of photography by installing lights, cameras, and other necessary pieces of equipment. Tape videos of the weddings as well if the clients asked for it. Post-process the videos and edit them as per the client’s request. Pick up equipment from rental places and perform other administrative tasks. Determine each project’s requirements. Meet with the couple before the wedding to discuss the theme of the ceremony and party and what exactly they wanted from their wedding album and video. Provide additional graphic design if there was a need for it. Scheduling appointments. Correct any color or other types of anomalies from the wedding pictures by using Adobe Photoshop. Maintain and continuously expand my archive of wedding photography.

C. Education and Academic Training

  • Graduated in May 2011 from the State University of Nebraska with a Bachelor of Science degree in Graphic Design.
  • Attended several photography workshops, including The Photographer’s Trophy in 2010 and Photography Now in 2014

D. Job Related Skills

  • Target oriented
  • Very good coordinator
  • Outstanding event planner
  • Wonderful team player
  • Possess the stamina needed to work very long hours
  • Very good customer handling skills
  • Amazing listening skills
  • Expert in Photoshop editing, as well as image manipulation and restoration.
  • Outstanding knowledge as far as defining concepts and themes for photography shootings goes
  • Can perform all types of administrative tasks that will ensure each photo shoot and wedding goes according to plan.

E. General Skills

  • Ready to start working at a moment’s notice
  • Very discreet
  • Willing to sign an NDA
  • Outstanding interpersonal, communication, and persuasive skills
  • Fluent in English and German

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Here are the two outstanding resume samples you can use to create your own. Download them using the fast access buttons we have provided. You can use them separately or even mix the content and then add your personal info to create an awesome CV that will surely get you noticed with any professional photography studio. Don’t forget to be creative and add a few items from your portfolio so that your prospective employer can see what marvelous things you can do in the field of photography.

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