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Teaching Assistant Resume Samples

Here are two teaching assistant resume samples which will help you secure the position you want. A teaching assistant is a person responsible for helping the primary professor of a class to teach the courses and establish a warm and psychologically, physically, and mentally secure environment in which the students can thrive, learn, develop, and express themselves.

Use these two teaching assistant resume samples to help you create a perfect CV that will put you on the top of the pile. Use the fast access download buttons you can see below to download PDF copies of these resume samples and fill them in with your personal info.

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Teaching Assistant Resume Sample 1

Deborah Leboeuf

2886 Black Oak Hollow Road, Morgan Hill, California, 95037



A. Summary

A dedicated professional with over 5 years’ experience in providing assistance and help to leading teachers. I am very committed to the development of children from all areas and social and economic backgrounds. My sole purpose is to see them thrive, as I love children. I am skilled when it comes to classroom management as well as implementing discipline. Apart from that, I am also a certified paraprofessional. Very well versed when it comes to performing secretarial and clerical tasks. I am looking for a position where I can display my skills and work with children and teenagers in giving them a better future.

B. Working Experience

  • March 2012 – Present – Tesla Public School, Morgan Hill, California

Responsibilities: Assisted the lead teacher in performing his everyday duties. Helped the teacher in enhancing the learning experience for all students and helping them achieve their educational goals. Perform an entire plethora of non-educational duties as well. Tutor the students myself, either in small groups or independently. Manage the students’ arrival as well as departure time. Monitor the individuals dropping off and picking up the students. Keep order and discipline among students and in all educational areas in the absence of the lead teacher. Prepare all the educational material as well as the classrooms displays every day.

Achievements: managed always to keep the classrooms neat and managed. Developed a special and close relationship with the students, which helped them feel a lot safer and at home in class. This, in turn, led to their grades going up and them performing better during exams.

C. Education and Academic Training

  • Graduated from the Willow Stone City College in Morgan Hill, California, in 2011 with an Associate of Science Education degree.

D. Job Related Skills

  • Experience when it comes to working mainly with elementary stage students
  • Outstanding supervising skills during recess and lunch hour
  • Vast knowledge of the best and most important teaching practices
  • The ability to work both separately and as a part of a team, with one or more people
  • Teaching
  • Counseling
  • Tutoring
  • Experience when it comes to working with children with special needs
  • Editing
  • Proofreading

E. General Skills

  • Very strong listener
  • Team player
  • Strong ethics code
  • Have a profound love for children and understanding of their educational needs

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Teaching Assistant Resume Sample 2

Patricia Kennedy

1407 Cabell Avenue, Reston, Virginia, 20191



A. Summary

An extremely responsible teaching assistant with over eight years’ experience of teaching in a classroom. I possess outstanding communication skills as well as amazing coordination skills. Very caring and extremely professional. I have a tireless commitment when it comes to students and their learning needs and habits as to the children’s overall wellbeing. Received full qualifications from the state of Virginia and possess a driving license with a clean record. All I wish from my job is to allow me to demonstrate my skills as well as my knowledge and to let me help children get the education we all know they deserve.

B. Working Experience

  • December 2009 – Present – Reston Elementary School, Virginia

Responsibilities: Enforce the rules for proper behavior as well as the procedures for keeping order in a classroom with a minimum of 25 students. Instruct said students as per the guidance and directions of the teachers. Use an entire plethora of teaching methods which include media channels, lectures, role-playing, and discussions. Work with all the students so as to enforce the school’s or state’s learning concepts. Help students complete their assignments or do their homework. Try in any way possible to improve the students’ performance both in school and outside of it.

Achievements: Received positive feedback from parents both verbally and written almost on a monthly basis about the classroom instruction I provided and the success of their children. Received very high remarks for several semesters regarding the creativity of my classroom lesson plans and my instructional techniques. The remarks came both from the parents and the students.

C. Education and Academic Training

  • Graduated from the Azzure University in Reston, Virginia, in 2008 with an Associate degree in Applied Science, Early Childhood Development.

D. Job Related Skills

  • Teaching
  • Motivating students
  • Proofreading and editing
  • Time management
  • Creativity
  • Very strong leadership skills
  • The ability to create meaningful and fun lesson plans
  • Can manage difficult children
  • The ability to develop indoor and outdoor activities for children when needed
  • Can put in school plays or organize dances
  • The ability to organize school camps
  • Knowledge of writing reports for parents and upper management about children and their situation in class.

E. General Skills

  • Patience
  • Discretion
  • Excellent team player
  • Can speak four languages: English, French, German, and Chinese Mandarin
  • Organized

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A very well-written and formatted resume can mean the difference between the bottom and the top of the pile. Remember that, when you write it, there are a whole number of things which you must take into account. One thing is certain. All schools look for individuals who are experienced or who can prove that they have transferable skills. You need to have a genuine interest in children and their well-being and show that you are enthusiastic about their education. Your traits and qualities need to match those of the employer exactly. Therefore, take a close look at our two teaching assistant resume samples and use them to your benefit.

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