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Preschool Teacher Resume Samples

The main thing you need to remember when building your preschool teacher resume is that you have to emphasize your unique quality. As you may already know, there will be quite a few other contendants for the position. They all have the same studies as you do and some may even be better qualified than you.

Therefore, you need to show the employer that you have a unique quality which will put you at the top of your game. For example, it could be your love for children, singing abilities, outstanding creativity, extensive child psychology studies and so on.

Below you will find two preschool teacher resume samples. Feel free to use the download buttons underneath them to get your very own free PDF copy.

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Preschool Teacher Resume Sample 1

Kelly Welker

1815 Elmwood Avenue, Higley, Arizona, 85236


A. Summary

Energetic and dedicated Preschool Teacher with 10 years of experience in the field of education, classroom management, teaching based on activities as per an already set curriculum and parental conferences. I have a unique quality when it comes to grooming the students from an intellectual point of view as well as nurturing their social skills. I am currently looking for a school that will allow me to demonstrate said qualities and where I can do my part for the future of the country and our society by educating our nation’s children.

B. Working Experience

  • August 2013 – Present – Sunny Side Up Preschool, Higley, Arizona

Responsibilities: Come up with new and interesting activities that would help children learn and develop to their total potential. Impart the lessons as mentioned in the school curriculum. Organize and manage the field trips, which serve the purpose of both facilitating and enhancing the process of learning. Prepare the children for the annual parents day happening where they were supposed to appear in various skits and plays or sing and dance so that they can build their self-confidence. Assess the educational and development needs of every child and strive to cater to them. Maintain a record of how every child has progressed and show said record to his parents or guardians.

Achievements: I created a system for recording the progress and achievements of every child in the classroom which was very easy to read and to follow and which was quickly picked up by all the parents as well as by the rest of the teachers for their own classrooms.

  • May – 2007 – June – 2013 – Mitch & Cam Preschool, Higley, Arizona

Responsibilities: Engage in the educational process as per the allotted curriculum. Assess each child’s educational and developmental needs and make plans according to that. Make sure that the environment in which the lessons took place was a safe and healthy one, both for the students and the staff. Ensure that the parents participate in the necessary activities. Collaborate with the coworkers and managers in an efficient manner.

C. Education and Academic Training

  • Graduated from the Top Hill Community College in Higley, Arizona, in 2006 with a B.A. in Early Childhood Education

D. Job Related Skills

  • Support and childcare
  • Lunchtime supervision
  • Attendance record
  • Circle time
  • Confidence development
  • Visual supervision
  • Child safety protocols
  • Parent orientation
  • Classroom maintenance
  • Educational assessments
  • Open house
  • Lesson planning

E. General Skills

  • Talented
  • Hard worker
  • Professional
  • Always on time
  • Patient
  • Willing to sing an NDA
  • Discreet
  • Team player
  • Have a deep love for children
  • Love teaching and teaching activities

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Preschool Teacher Resume Sample 2

Shawn Delcastillo

1012 Courtright Street, Belfield, North Dakota, 58622


A. Summary

Very motivated and positive team player with a very strong desire to develop a career in early childhood education. I will always strive to make sure that each and every child gets individual attention as much as possible. Also, I am committed to setting high standards when it comes to teaching as well as maximizing the children’s progress. I am more than willing to assume the task of developing the children that fall under my care.

B. Working Experience

  • April 2010 – Present – Gardenia Preschool, Belfield, North Dakota

Responsibilities: Planning daily activities based on what the children preferred to do. Engaging in educational activities and teaching the students via structured play. Making sure that each child develops a sense of curiosity as well as a knowledge base. Cleaning up the classrooms at the end of each day of lessons. Establishing a relationship with the parents so as to benefit the children and their development. Completing all the required paperwork. Coming up with, arranging, and preparing all the pre-class materials. Being a part of all school events. Submitting in all the weekly lesson plans in a timely manner.

C. Education and Academic Training

  • Graduated in 2010 from the North Dakota State University with a Teaching Degree

D. Job Related Skills

  • Great at developing relationship with small groups of children
  • A proven ability to treat children and parents with the respect and dignity they deserve
  • I possess a CPR and First Aid Cards
  • Am able to keep up to date with all the changes as far as the curriculum is concerned as well as the developments in the best educational practices.
  • Know and use the appropriate language both in and outside the classroom.
  • Have a keen sense of self-control when it comes to dealing with children and parents alike.
  • Competent at quickly establishing a connection with the parents and the local community
  • Providing a high level of support to all the children

E. General Skills

  • Outstanding organizational skills
  • Amazing planning abilities
  • Strong communicational skills
  • Fluent in three languages: English, Spanish, and German

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Use the download buttons we have provided for you to get your very own copies of the two preschool teacher resume samples we have compiled here for you. Use the info we set up or, otherwise, use your personal information. You can even make a combination of the two and create a super resume that is sure to win you the job.

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