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Retail Manager Resume Samples

The following two retail manager resume samples are free for download and can be customized to fit your own needs as well as job target. You can even combine the two if you so desire and then fill them in with your personal information.

A retail manager is a person in charge of overseeing everyday operations and transactions in the store’s main showroom. He or she is also in charge of increasing the store’s sales by using efficient marketing campaigns, perform team management, and help the company reach the sales targets it has.

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Retail Manager Resume Sample 1

Rosalie Cofield

582 Red Maple Drive, Los Angeles, California, 90071


A. Summary

A very enthusiastic, focused, and multi-skilled professional who brings a winning mentality to any company. Rosalie is characterized by passion, performance, drive, and excellence. She is also a fantastically quick learner who can easily take in new ideas. Communication is one of her strong points, being able to get a message across to colleagues, managers, and employees alike. At this moment, Rosalie is looking for a company where she can display all these qualities and skills. She is in search of a place where she can take on new responsibilities and challenge herself without thinking of recognitions or rewards.

B. Working Experience

  • June 2010 – Present – Red Catwalk Fashion Store, Los Angeles, California

Responsibilities: In charge of the store’s department which sold 20 product lines. Responsible for making sure that all the company’s values, plans, and procedures were correctly and promptly implemented. Attempting to deliver reductions with regards to controllable costs. Coaching and mentoring colleagues on the shop floor as well as off by the power of example. Managing cue lengths, so as the shoppers do not have to wait an excessive amount of time. Making sure that the store’s loss and profit accounts stay within budget. Ensuring that the store maintains its stock levels. Reporting back to upper management any business risk that I might have noticed or any fraudulent activity that I might have identified.

Achievements: Managed to increase sales as well as profitability in the department I worked in. I also successfully managed the teams working in said department to deliver their KPIs and comply to their tasks within the company. I was also in charge of raising the standard of customer service.

C. Education and Academic Training

  • Graduated in 2009 from the Sunnyvale University in California, with a BSc (Hons) in Retail Marketing.

D. Job Related Skills

  • Sales floor type of management
  • Expert at performance tracking
  • Cash control
  • Strategic thinking
  • Inventory control
  • People development
  • Query resolution
  • Relationship building
  • Training techniques
  • Retail knowledge
  • Brand management
  • Merchandising
  • Driving sales
  • Commercial awareness
  • Very customer focused
  • Maximizing sales
  • Competitor analysis

E. General Skills

  • Communication skills
  • Outstanding team player
  • Company loyalty
  • Ambitious
  • Resilient
  • Driven
  • Able to deliver envisioned results in a very short period
  • Analytical mind
  • Negotiating skills
  • A very high level of integrity
  • Good listener

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Retail Manager Resume Sample 2

Helen Emig

3266 White Pine Lane, Roanoke, Virginia, 24011


A. Summary

A very experienced professional who is able to work at a high level of retail management. I know how to inspire, develop, lead, and motivate a team or staff in general. Therefore, I can help them achieve their professional goals as well as the goals of the company through support, passion, and innovation. My key qualities include bringing innovation when it comes to the product range, as well as a wealth of knowledge and responsiveness towards the latest trends. I also possess a superb understanding of today’s fashion, style, and makeup trends, since I keep up with them on a regular basis. Apart from that, I have a real passion for retail work which I am able to impart on my fellow colleagues or those whowork beneath me. I am currently looking for a position in a company which rewards achievements and people who are loyal and hard working.

B. Working Experience

  • July 2009 – May 2016 – Pop Star Fashion Store, Roanoke, Virginia

Responsibilities: Maximizing sales and profitability of the company so that it can achieve growth. Monitoring the staff and producing reports on each individual according to the store’s goals and their personal development plan. Managing the store’s performance levels on a regular basis. Maximizing the team’s performance so that I can drive sales. Preparing, organizing, and arranging the promotional items during sales’ periods. Leading the teams by example in every aspect of my job. Recruiting new staff, training them, supervising, and then appraising them. Maintaining the financial records accurately and correctly. Making sure the store presents itself with a combination of fantastic customer service and outstanding value for money. Observing and discussing with random clients in the store to ask about their experience and how it could be bettered. Constructed reports based on those interviews which were later on important in creating a better customer service.

Achievements: Managed to create and develop two business plans, both on a short and long term, which were highly successful. With the help of my team and the support of the upper management, the plans were seen through to the end, and they turned out a big added revenue to the retail store. Consequently, I received the ‘Employee of the Year’ Award twice consecutively, in 2012 and 2013.

C. Education and Academic Training

  • Graduated in 2008 from the Roanoke, Virginia State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Commerce.

D. Job Related Skills

  • Driven by both company and personal success and development
  • Outstanding customer service skills
  • Very skilled at selling, promoting, and demonstrating the qualities of a product or service
  • Outstanding abilities when it comes to advertising and promotions
  • Operational management
  • Stock management
  • Merchandising standards
  • People management
  • Cash management
  • Analyzing statistical data

E. General Skills

  • Highly responsible
  • Out of the ordinary communication skills
  • Result-oriented
  • Patient
  • Fluent in three languages: English, French, and Italian
  • Decision making
  • Teamwork
  • Perseverance
  • Confidence
  • Loyalty
  • Discreet
  • Willing to sign an NDA

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Here are the two retail manager resume sample we promised in the beginning. You can download both versions if you like and then use the information we have compiled here to create your own, outstanding resume.

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