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Engineering is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Almost every business sec needs a product engineer at some point in their development, making them an integral part of operations. Product engineers face steep competition in the workplace and must learn a variety of highly technical skills to become successful. We’ve compiled this article to give you the information you need about product engineers, the industry, and how to write an effective resume.

What Is a Product Engineer?

A product engineer is a type of mechanical engineer who specializes in designing products and manufacturing. They deal with all aspects of taking the product from the design stage to the manufacturing stage. Product engineers oversee the process of conjuring up, designing, and developing a product. Anyone looking into a career in product engineering requires a mix of technical skills, analytical mindset, and creativity.

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Challenges and Responsibilities

A product engineer is involved in every step of the process of product development. This includes planning and designing the product as well as selecting materials, prototyping and manufacturing. Product engineers spend a majority of their time design products and figuring out how to manufacture them. Product Engineers go through a series of step when completely each product from start to finish:





Product Engineer Skills

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Product engineers not only need to learn highly technical skills, they also have to be creative and work as a team player. Engineers constantly have to interact with other departments and industries to bring a product to completion. This career requires good communication skills and the ability to work in a collaborative work environment. They also need to be multi-taskers and have high attention to detail. Core skills product engineers need to possess include:

  • Computer Aided Design (CAD) Software
  • Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) Software
  • Analytical Skills
  • Leadership
  • CadCam Unigraphics
  • Adobe Illustrator

Product engineers must have a high level of understanding of managing resources and technical limitations for every company or products. This includes effective time management, scalability, acquiring resources, and understanding national and international regulations. Unlike other engineers, product engineers deals with both the back- and front- ends technologies.

Educational Requirements

Since product engineer demands a highly technical skill set, higher education is necessary to advance in the field. Career requirements for a product engineer require a Bachelors degree, and ideally a graduate degree, in the field of engineering with an emphasis in product design. For many positions, employers will require at least five years of experience. Here is the best way to advance your career as a product engineer:

Step 1: Bachelor’s Degree

Step 2: Experience

Step 3: Licensure

Is There a Need for Product Engineers?

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Product engineers are needed in nearly every industry and there is always a high demand for them. Business are constantly re-branding themselves and trying to improve their products and this includes updating existing products. Businesses hire product engineers to oversee the complex tasks of creating and developing working products for manufacturing. Product engineers provide a valuable solution to many businesses who can then direct their energy towards other aspects of business.

To be a successful product engineer, you must have a passion for challenging work, good people skills, and creativity. This dynamic role is full of opportunities and the field of product engineering is a staple to industries and companies all over the world.

How to Write an Effective Product Engineer Resume

Developing a resume to best showcase your qualifications and skills is essential to not just product engineers, but everyone. It can be difficult to determine what skills and background you want to showcase to potential employers and even more so if you have little experience. Here is a complete guide to writing an effective product engineer resume that is sure to land you the job:

1. Profile

2. Experience

3. Education

4. Certificates

5. Awards

6. Skills

7. References


Product engineering is a lucrative and dynamic field that is always in need of new talent and fresh ideas. One of the most fundamental requirements is a bachelors degree and at least five years of relevant experience. Product engineering requires years of honing your skill set and learning new software to adapt to industry needs. Although rewarding, product engineers need determination and dedication to become successful.

Your resume is the first thing an employer sees and should stand out from the rest. Resumes that use quantifiable points are more attractive to employers so try to quantify accomplishment when ever you can. Ideally, your resume should demonstrate your skill set and experience and show employers how that aligns with the requirements of the position.

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