Production Assistant Cover Letter Samples

Throughout this article, you will be given two production assistant cover letter samples that you can download. You will see in these samples that the key to writing a dynamic cover letter as a production assistant involves demonstrating that you are capable of helping the producers meet their goals. Producing films and television programs are very time-consuming tasks for everyone involved. It’s rare that producers will have the time or extra budget to train assistants, so your cover letter should demonstrate that you are highly skilled and ready to take on the responsibilities required of a production assistant immediately.

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Production Assistant Cover Letter Samples

Production Assistant Cover Letter Sample 1

Leah Carlson
2200 Checkers Street, Tulsa, Oklahoma 22446
August 18, 2018

Jason Peterson
Channel 2 News
336 Mountain Way, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 22114

Dear Mr. Peterson,

Recently, I discovered that Channel 2 News has a job opening for the position of production assistant on their website. I would like to apply for that position, and feel that my previous experience and job skills make me an excellent candidate. In addition to having ten years of experience in the television industry, I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts in media studies. Through my studies and hands-on experience, I have gained the knowledge necessary to assist the Channel 2 News crew in their goal of producing “Oklahoma City’s Best Evening News Coverage.”

In my current position, I work as chief production assistant at Channel 12 Evening News in Tulsa. In this position, I take responsibility for managing a multitude of technical and administrative tasks. Making sure that everyone has their proper script is my responsibility. I also assist with both the lighting and the sound production. Overseeing guests’ accommodations also falls under my duties.

The responsibility that I am most proud of in my current position involves setting up and managing all of the social media presence that Channel 12 has on the web. When I first came to work for the company, they did not have an internet presence. That has since changed, and we now have an active and engaging social media presence.

As a production assistant, I excel at organization and computer skills, including MS Office. I also have significant experience in Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and After Effects. My hands-on experience includes a variety of types of teleprompters, boom microphones, and stage lighting rigs. The most important skill that I have cultivated is the ability to remain friendly, approachable, and professional at all times, no matter how much stress the situation may involve.

Although I have greatly enjoyed my time here in Tulsa, I very much look forward to producing the kind of groundbreaking news that Channel 2 produces regularly. I look forward to bringing my unique personality and proven skills to the rest of the Channel 2 Evening News crew. Please contact me by email or by phone as soon as possible to arrange an interview.

Leah Carlson

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Production Assistant Cover Letter Sample 2

Hayden Messina
33 Harper Drive, Hollywood, California 47720
August 18, 2018

Jody Riley
Executive Producer
Children’s Afterschool Adventure Hour
78 Diamond Avenue, Hollywood, California 74125

Dear Mrs. Riley,

While browsing the job notifications board of my alma mater, the University of California at Berkeley, I was excited to learn that your program has an opening for a production assistant. After earning my Bachelor of Arts degree from Berkeley five years ago, I immediately began working for my current employer as a production assistant. As my attached resume demonstrates, my level of responsibility has steadily increased during my employment. I look forward to bringing my knowledge and capabilities to your program.

My current employer is a weekly educational program that features a cast of children and animals in addition to the adult host. Many of my duties involve coordinating the routines, needs, and responsibilities of the children on our shows. It also involves answering any questions that they may have about the script. I also handle any errands that the cast or crew need to be fulfilled.

I was a production assistant during the Emmy Award-winning episode, “Going Wild With Alligators!” In particular, that episode was highly praised by the Academy for its sound and visual qualities, both of which I oversaw. Additionally, although I began as a new production assistant with little experience, I have since gone on to achieve a supervisory position that involves training other production assistants.

While working in my current position, I have been able to thoroughly demonstrate my strategic abilities. This is an important skill to have when dealing with children. Since they are not particularly organized themselves, a production assistant working with them must have the very best organization and planning skills, and I have found this to be a particular strength of mine. I also possess the ability to operate standard editing, lighting, and sound equipment.

My previous experience with children on set as a production assistant would make me a valuable fit for your children’s program. I look forward to discussing my experience both as a patient assistant to child actors and as a competent technologically minded production assistant in greater detail. I am most easily available after 3 p.m. by phone, though I can be reached by email at any time.

Hayden Messina

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These two sample production assistant cover letters have focused on the experiences of the production assistants that will make them qualified for the specific jobs that they hope to obtain. One of the biggest mistakes that you can make in a production assistant cover letter is being vague about your qualifications. You need to focus on exactly how you can help the producer meet their production goals. One way in which you can do that is by focusing on the ways your past experience lines up with your dream job. What other tips do you have for composing the best production assistant cover letter? Share them in the comments below.

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