Leasing Consultant Cover Letter Samples

Throughout this article, you will be given two downloadable leasing consultant cover letter samples that aptly demonstrate how to highlight the professional skills that an applicant has in order to land that dream interview. The job of a leasing consultant involves renting properties for residential landlords. Their many tasks may include showing apartments to prospective renters and processing applications. When examining a leasing consultant cover letter, potential employers will want to make sure that they are hiring a professional capable of delivering the best results. Any skills you may have in sales should definitely be apparent from reading your cover letter.

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Leasing Consultant Cover Letter Samples

Leasing Consultant Cover Letter Sample 1

Charlie Everly
356 Twilight Avenue, Trenton, New Jersey 47125
August 16, 2018

Shirley Jenkins
Human Resources Director
Trenton Area Apartments
113 Rain Street, Trenton, New Jersey 47125

Dear Mrs. Jenkins,

Upon discovering your advertisement on your website for a leasing consultant, I was immediately excited to submit my cover letter and resume for consideration. As you will notice while browsing my enclosed resume, I have an extensive 10 years of experience as a leasing consultant and an additional five years of customer service experience prior to entering the field. Additionally, I hold a bachelor’s degree in business administration. With this demonstrated level of skill and experience, I am confident in my ability to be a part of your team.

At the present, I am actively engaged in the reviewing and completion of all leasing applications. In this capacity, I am responsible for assessing a rental applicant’s eligibility and creditworthiness in leasing properties. In my daily duties, I am must maintain an up-to-date and in-depth knowledge of both current market trends and the competition’s current activities. I have a long history with this company, during which I have established long-term leasing goals that further the company’s agenda, and effectively managed relations with tenants.

Among the achievements that I am most proud of in my current position is my ability to train other new leasing consultants. Many of the new consultants that I have trained do not have very much sales or customer service experience, as this is typically a new job for many college graduates in the area. With my training, they have become very successful in leasing. Overall, our leasing staff maintains a 95% occupancy rate among both myself and those leasing consultants who have completed my training.

I am skilled in most Microsoft applications, and I can type 75 wpm. With a minor in Spanish, I am bilingual in both English and Spanish, both verbally and in written communication. My professionalism in providing top tier customer service is a skill that I am very proud of, and this skill has frequently been recognized by my supervisors.

My strengths as an experienced leasing consultant make me an excellent fit for the open position at your apartment complex. I am confident that a further discussion of my abilities during an interview will convince you of my qualifications. Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you soon in order to schedule an interview.

Charlie Everly

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Leasing Consultant Cover Letter Sample 2

Clarissa Morena
8745 Fairview Drive, Indianapolis, Indiana 36521
August 16, 2018

Adam Dallas
Hiring Manager
Greater Indianapolis Apartments
6421 Blanket Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 36521

Dear Mr. Dallas,

I was thrilled to see your advertisement for a leasing consultant on the job opportunities board of my alma mater, Midwest Technical University. Since earning my degree in sales and marketing in 2011, I have worked steadily as a leasing consultant. During that time, I have cultivated a strong sense of dedication towards developing both my sales and customer service skills. I have the greatest confidence that these traits will make me the best choice for a leasing consultant for your company.

My current job at Pepperson Apartments permits me to enthusiastically greet residents and potential residents on a daily basis. Our strongest goal at Pepperson involves focusing on retention of existing residents, and I am proud to be part of a team that places that as our priority. As part of our retention efforts, I play an active role in resolving resident issues and any concerns that they may have through phone, email, or in person.

During my time as a leasing consultant, I have maintained a consistent retention rate of 90% or higher. For the past two years, I have received recognition as having the highest retention rate of any leasing consultant at our complex. I have also been placed in charge of organizing and maintaining our Twitter and Facebook accounts.

The primary skills that I value greatly include the ability to remain friendly and professional at all times, no matter how stressful the job may become during the course of the day. I also have an advanced knowledge of computer applications, and am capable of using both Apple and Microsoft products. If there is a technological product in the office, chances are excellent that I can use it, and this includes fax machines, computers, printers, and multi-line telephones. I have also frequently worked as the IT consultant during my time at my current employment, and internet troubleshooting is among my skills.

To conclude, I cannot wait to further discuss my qualifications with you. While the enclosed resume demonstrates my education and hands-on abilities, I am sure that an interview would make my skills even more apparent. I can easily be reached through both phone and email, and I will be happy to set up a Skype interview if it is more convenient for you.

Clarissa Morena

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As a leasing consultant, you should be used to highlighting the best of a property in order to make it seem appealing to a potential resident. When you write your leasing consultant cover letter, you should view your goals in a similar fashion. Think carefully about what the potential employer finds most desirable in a future employee, and allow your letter to illustrate how your experiences make you the right candidate. Just as a personal approach works best in leasing, it will also work best on your cover letter. In what ways have you tailored your leasing consultant cover letters to potential employers?

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