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Research Assistant Cover Letter Samples

Within this article, you will find two research assistant cover letter examples. These samples will illustrate how important it is to highlight your skills while you are searching for a research assistant job. Research assistants oversee research programs and projects. Their exact duties depend upon what subject they are specializing in; science-minded research assistants may spend the bulk of their time in the laboratory, while humanities focused research assistants may spend most of their time in libraries, writing.

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Research Assistant Cover Letter Samples

Research Assistant Cover Letter Sample 1

Caroline White
11 Main Street, Cleveland, Ohio, 75536

Mr. Rafael Garcia
Central Ohio Community College
Warner Library and Student Center, 1179 University Dr, Newark, Ohio, 43055

Dear Mr. Garcia,

With great interest, I would like to submit my name as a potential candidate for the research assistant position you have advertised on your department’s website. I have completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in Literature, and have worked for the past two years as an undergraduate assistant at the Cumberline College in Cleveland. I feel that my interests, education, and experience would make me an excellent fit for your department’s needs.

In my current position, I work as an undergraduate research assistant, primarily in the college’s library. I am responsible for helping students utilize the school database in order to find the information they need to complete their projects. Typically, I work with the faculty in order to make sure any type of research students might need for individual projects is available. The overall maintenance of an orderly and neat research library also falls upon my shoulders, as does the responsibility of making sure that all materials borrowed are returned promptly.

One of my most recent achievements in my current position is the creation of research criteria that is used college-wide for large-scale research projects. I’ve also been able to initiate and set up local career fairs, where students are able to talk to local employers. This is related to my abilities as a research assistant in the library, because much of their spring research queries focus on job searches and how to write a proper resume.

In my current position, I display exceptional organizational skills. Part of being a great research assistant is developing a very sharp eye for detail, and my job at the library has definitely enabled me to develop that skill. Every day, I practice my communication and interpersonal skills. Specific to undergraduate research, I have advanced database management skills, and am proud to be able to work with a variety of faculty members, students, and outside researchers.

In closing, I very much look forward to discussing the research assistant opening with you in greater detail. I am available by phone or by email. I can also be available for a Skype interview, if that would be convenient for you. My previous training and skills line up well with your stated need for a research assistant who is experienced in dealing with undergraduate students. For this reason, I believe our partnership would be mutually beneficial.

Caroline White

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Research Assistant Cover Letter Sample 2

Ronald Jameson
442 Broadway Street, Tucson, Arizona, 74196

Barbara Whitley
Thea Peterson Facility for Clean Water
325 Park Street, Tucson, Arizona, 74196

Dear Mrs. Whitley,

I observed a post on your company’s website that declared your need for an experienced and hard-working research assistant. Having graduated in 2014 with a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Arizona, I have the educational background required to be successful at your facility. I have also worked for the past three years as a research assistant for the Arthur Pond Environmental Center. As a result of my education and experience, I believe I would be a useful addition to your staff.

My current position requires me to study the effects of bottom feeders in the river’s ecosystem. In order to complete this study, I develop materials and procedures related to collecting data. I also determine the correct method of analysis, and choose which filtering tools to use. My lab work allows me to utilize the most advanced filtration systems, and my other primary scientific tools include microscopes and heating ovens.

Perfect record-keeping and a professional demeanor are skills that I have developed as a result of my time as a research assistant. I’ve also developed the ability to review journals, speeches, and doctoral level notes, in order to gain additional information for my research. Crucial skills include acute accuracy, attention to detail, and the ability to make a decision without hesitation based on scientific fact.

Throughout my time as a research assistant, I have been very proud of my unique techniques for constructing proper strains for data collection. These new techniques have enhanced data collection by at least 25%, and have decreased negative collection by at least 40%. I was recognized for my creative efforts when my employer awarded me the “Greatest Scientific Discovery” award in 2016.

I have attached my resume, which goes into greater detail about my education and work experience. However, my enthusiasm in joining your facility could be better measured in a personal interview. I look forward to setting one up with you, either by phone or by email. Thank you in advance for considering my qualifications.

Ronald Jameson

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What have your experiences been while writing and submitting research assistant cover letters? Have you included skills such as record management, overseeing experiments, and implementing new testing methods? A research assistant cover letter can include all of your technical skills, and should go into detail about your education. Typically, an associate’s degree is the minimum requirement, although most employers prefer you to have at least a Bachelor’s degree. Focusing on your analytical and personal skills makes your cover letter shine above the rest.

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