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Restaurant Manager Cover Letter Samples

While drafting your cover letter for restaurant manager positions, refer to this article, as it offers two restaurant manager cover letter examples to aid you in your process. The typical duties of a restaurant manager involve acting as a supervisor for the staff, and holding them accountable to the rules and regulations of their business. Additionally, they work in the background checking stock, ordering supplies, and creating a rotating schedule. They also handle customer questions and complaints when needed.

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Restaurant Manager Cover Letter Samples

Restaurant Manager Cover Letter Sample 1

Kathy McDougles
1409 Green Fern Road, Charleston, South Carolina, 30654
988- 302 – 7752

Mr. Hank Weeps
Phoenix Flame: Fine Dining and Champagne Bar
47 West Estes Street, Charleston, South Carolina, 30654

Dear Mr. Weeps,

It is with great enthusiasm that I am writing to express my interest in the recently posted restaurant manager position you have at your fine establishment. As graduate of the College of Charleston, I hold a degree in Hospitality, with a focus on restaurant management. Additionally, I have completed an internship in restaurant management, which earned me the job at my current employer. I believe that you will soon discover that I am a perfect match for the position you have available.

Coming from my current place of employment, Red & Blue, I am well adept in handling myself in the world of fine dining. I have been the manager of this establishment for the past five years, and have honed my skills in professionalism, customer service, and providing a superior dining experience to all customers. My responsibilities include planning menus, overseeing stock levels, scheduling employees, recruiting and training staff, and ensuring compliance with licensing, hygiene, and health standards.

In terms of accomplishments, I am proud to say that I was able to move up the career ladder rather quickly. After my internship, I was given the position of head waitress, where I honed my skills in multi-tasking and became used to working in a fast paced environment. It was very soon that I was promoted to restaurant manager, and have since used my techniques in customer service to increase our guest return rate by over 30%.

You will find that my skills are ideal for this position as well. While I am good at following orders, I am a very self-motivated person, and have the ability to work independently, without supervision. My interpersonal skills are superior, and it is with my high energy and positive attitude that I am able to communicate with a wide range of people. I also possess great problem-solving skills, and am a well organized person. As a physically fit person, I am able to stay on my feet for long periods of time, stoop, and lift heavy objects.

I understand that the world of fine dining can vary from establishment to establishment, but I am confident in my ability to adapt quickly, and learn your rules and regulations. I believe that I would be a beneficial addition to your team, and I am eager to bring my unique skill set to your restaurant. I look forward to discussing my candidacy with you further. Thank you for your time and consideration!

Kathy McDougles

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Restaurant Manager Cover Letter Sample 2

Lilly Kurshmette
377 Monarch Road, Columbia, South Carolina, 30655
988 – 772 – 1123

Mrs. Betty Drainer
Feed More Family Dining
1024 Rose Garden Lane, Columbia, South Carolina, 30655

Dear Mrs. Drainer,

I am writing in reference to the advertisement you have placed for a restaurant manager opening. As someone with over ten years of experience in the restaurant business, I strongly believe I am uniquely qualified for this position. Having worked my way up the career ladder from a host to a manager, I understand every level of working in the restaurant business. You will find that I possess a strong track record of success, and a skill set that I am confident will be beneficial to you and your business.

I am quite familiar with a family dining atmosphere, as I have worked in several family oriented restaurants, including my current place of employment, HP Burgers. On a daily basis, my responsibilities include supervising my staff, making sure they are following all rules and regulations, interacting with customers to ensure their dining experience is satisfactory, checking stock and ordering supplies as needed, and organizing my employees to fit them into the schedule for the upcoming weeks.

I believe my biggest achievement comes in the form of how quickly I was able to move up from a host to a manager. I pride myself with being dedicated to my job, and I genuinely enjoy interacting and serving the community around me. Since becoming a manager at HP Burgers, I have successfully implemented theme nights such as Trivia Tuesdays, and Board Game Fridays. As a result, the establishment has seen a 50% increase in business on those specific nights, and a 60% increase in business overall, throughout the week.

As stated before, I enjoy interacting with customers. Due to this, I have increased my customer service skills to a level of superiority, and developed my overall communication skills as well. I am also organized, and stay on top of tasks without having to be reminded or supervised. Other skills I possess are leadership, time management, and the ability to motivate my fellow team members.

I hold a great track record for attendance and punctuality, and I am confident you will quickly find that I am a trustworthy and reliable candidate to manage your restaurant. I look forward to further discussing my credentials, and would be eager to answer any questions you may have about my resume in person. The values of your business couldn’t align any better with my passion, and I would humbly accept the chance to interview with you. Thank you for your time and consideration!

Lilly Kurshmette

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Having a background in hospitality and management can certainly help when writing a restaurant manager cover letter, but there are other ways to set yourself apart from other applicants as well. If you lack in education specific to this field, highlight traits that would be seen as valuable by a potential employer, such as communication, leadership, and organizational skills. We would be interested in hearing about your experience writing a restaurant manager cover letter in the comments.

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