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Physician Cover Letter Samples

The field of medicine can be quite competitive, so this article aims to help you create the best cover letter for physician job openings by providing you with two physician cover letter examples. Physicians are responsible for diagnosing and treating an array of illnesses and injuries. Their primary duties are to examine patients and their medical histories, and develop a treatment plan based around medicine or various therapies. While this career can be very demanding at times, it is also very fulfilling.

Physician Cover Letter Samples

Physician Cover Letter Sample 1

Doris Halpert
452 Burch Wood Forest, Tacoma, Washington, 90255
313 – 205 – 7855

Dr. Judy Goodsworth
Tacoma Pediatric Center
2001 Suit B Woodpecker Lane, Tacoma Washington, 90255

Dear Dr. Goodsworth,

I am writing to express my interest in the open physician position you have within your establishment. With my bountiful academic background and record of success with internships and residencies, I believe I would make an ideal candidate. I am a graduate of Duke University’s School of Medicine, and have received my license to practice. Over 7 years of experience in both clinical and hospital settings has led me to realize my true passion of working to help children, and it is with great enthusiasm that I welcome the opportunity to join your team.

Kids Together Clinic, my current employer, has allowed me to thrive and reach new levels of professional development. However, I am ready to expand my personal growth and knowledge by bringing my unique skill set and passion for pediatric medicine to your facility. Among my top responsibilities at Kids Together Clinic are developmental monitoring, keeping up with immunization records, and regularly communicating with specialists and parents to provide detailed and in depth descriptions of a child’s health and conditions.
doctor dressed in scrubs

I’ve had the privilege to work alongside a renowned leader in pediatrics, Sarah Badran, and publish a study related to implementing art and music therapy alongside medical treatments for children. We discovered many benefits within the additional therapy, and concluded its success when we presented our findings at last year’s annual Medical Advancements Seminar. This experience also gave me the chance to travel abroad and see firsthand how these therapies were already leaving their effects on children in Europe.

I can offer you outstanding organizational skills, exceptional communication abilities, and an extensive knowledge of medicine. My expertise lies in pediatrics, and I possess a true passion for working with children. I have developed a great sense of empathy and compassion, and I am a strongly determined individual who continuously seeks out answers and ways to solve medical issues. I am great at forming relationships with my clients, and have a knack for easing the nerves of both children and parents.

With my professionalism, analytical skills, and genuine devotion to this field of study, I know that I would serve as a great addition to your company. My past experiences and successes have paved the way for me to easily transition into a member of your team, and I look forward to discussing my qualifications with you further. I sincerely thank you for your time and the opportunity.

Doris Halpert

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Physician Cover Letter Sample 2

William Yadkin
7001 Crescent Creek Drive, Spokane, Washington, 90311
313 – 625 – 0012

Dr. Katrina Fowl
Healing Heart Medical Center
305 Emergency Way, Spokane, Washington, 90311

Dear Dr. Fowl,

It is with great enthusiasm that I write to express my interest in the recently opened physician position at your center. I was referred to you by your retired employee, Dr. James Lipton, and he is eager to serve as a recommendation of mine. As a graduate of Washington State University’s School of Medicine, I have successfully completed my residency program at an outstanding level, and hold a valid license to practice medicine. I am now eager to bring my vast knowledge of medicine and expertise to your establishment.

Having worked for Whole Healing Medical Services for the past 8 years has given me the opportunity to not only grow as a professional, but to implement highly successful ground breaking techniques and treatments with great precision and success. My responsibilities include assessing patients’ information and updating it accordingly, ordering medical tests, analyzing medical test results, paying close attention to any abnormal findings, designing individualized treatment plans, and scheduling follow up visits to review treatment plans.

My most recent accomplishments revolve around leading a team made up of several technicians and assistants. I host monthly training seminars to ensure all my team members are up to date with their certifications and needed license. These seminars also serve as a way for us to collectively review procedures and regulations. As a result, our unit is responsible for driving up the productivity and overall test result turnover by 40%. This has greatly increased our business, and brought in many new clients.

With a commitment to the highest quality of health care, I can offer you outstanding time and staff management skills. I consider myself to be an approachable person, and hold the ability to communicate with a wide demographic of people without bias or judgment. My vast knowledge of medicine allows me to be a quick thinker and to diagnose issues with great accuracy. Having both a strong educational and professional background leads me to be confident in the contributions I can offer your center.

Attached to this document is a copy of my resume. I am certain that, as you read over it, you will find I meet, and in some ways exceed, all your qualifications. Medicine is my calling and my passion. I am firmly dedicated to proving answers and treatment to all that may seek them. I thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to discussing my candidacy with you in person.

William Yadkin

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In your physician cover letter, focus on your experience, the training programs you have been through, and the qualities you have, such as good communication skills, leadership skills, and quick problem-solving skills. Having a compassionate nature and good bedside manners is also viewed as very valuable in this field. Have you ever written a physician cover letter? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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