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Resume Examples
tax preparer doing taxes

Tax Preparer Resume Samples

Tax preparation is an interesting career field because of the wide range of professionals who may be involved with it. For example, ...

coach with basketball team

Basketball Coach Resume Samples

Unlike many jobs within the American schooling system, coaching is a field that is open to people of many different backgrounds. ...

woman assistant property manager smiling

Assistant Property Manager Resume Samples

Assistant property managers play a key role in a wide range of tasks at apartment and housing complexes. For starters, they help ...

workers on a construction site

Construction Superintendent Resume Samples

Construction superintendents are responsible for a wide variety of tasks ranging from applying for permits to initiating the contract ...

electrician performing maintenance work

Maintenance Worker Resume Samples

Maintenance workers are primarily responsible for ensuring that professional buildings stay in proper working order. They accomplish ...

sound engineer working

Audio Engineer Resume Samples

The field of audio engineering is expanding greatly in this time of flourishing media and broadcasting outlets. Audio engineers are ...

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