EMT Cover Letter Samples

It can be challenging to set yourself apart when writing an EMT cover letter, so this article aims to provide you with two EMT cover letter examples to use as references while writing your own. Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) respond to emergency calls and provide immediate care to those who are injured or ill. EMTs must work under stressful circumstances, in all types of weather and situations, yet they must uphold traffic ordinances and regulations.

EMT Cover Letter Samples

EMT Cover Letter Sample 1

Jared Newman
3066 Harren Gulf Road, Jackson, Mississippi, 70211
464- 233 – 1089

Sarah Victoria
Mississippi Emergency Technician Services
705 Sparrow Drive

Dear Mrs. Victoria,

I’m writing with regards to the open EMT position you have with your company. I believe that the unique skill set and extensive experience I have with this field of work would make me a smart and reliable choice for the job. As a graduate of Mississippi Community College, I hold the educational background and proper certification needed to do this job effectively. You will find that I meet all the requirements you are seeking, and I look forward to offering you my service.

Working with my current employer, R&R Emergency Respondents Team, has helped me discover my true passion for helping people, and taught me a lot of maintaining my composure in stressful situations. However, I am ready to bring my expertise to an organization that will allow me to reach a wider demographic of people. My regular responsibilities include responding to emergency calls, administering medical assistance, and providing life saving assistance. Additionally, I work to analyze my patients to determine the best method of treatment.
two EMTs standing in front of an ambulance

I am proud to state that I have been the recipient of several awards. I hold a Distinguished Service Medal for my service in training other EMTs across the state. Over the last several years, I have been developing a training system that requires a bi-annual check in. This ensures all EMTs are up to date with the latest techniques and certifications. In addition, I was also awarded the Lifesaving Medal. This came in the wake of a sudden house fire in my neighborhood, but luckily, my quick thinking helped save two small children.

Problem solving and critical thinking are among my best skills. They help me quickly diagnose patients and determine the best treatment for them. As you read through my resume, you will also find that I have superior communication skills, and hold the ability to keep my calm in stressful situations. Additionally, I am also an incredibly safe driver, and possess a successful driving record when responding to emergency situations.

I strongly believe that I, with my dependability and professionalism, would make a smart addition to your team. With my unique skill set and passion for helping people, I know I will be able to benefit your company greatly. I look forward to discussing my candidacy with you further, and I appreciate your time and consideration.

Jared Newman

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EMT Cover Letter Sample 2

Billy Wentworth
6078 Boxcar Lane, Oxford, Mississippi, 70122
424 – 201 – 3669

Mr. Arnold Guilman
Guided Healing Medical Center
1603 Transport Way, Oxford, Mississippi, 70122

Dear Mr. Guilman,

I am writing to express my deep interest in the open Emergency Medical Technician job you have available at your company. I was referred to you by your recently retired employee Joyce Ambersans, who would also like to serve as a reference to my character. Having been an EMT for over seven years, I can proudly say that this field of work is a passion of mine, and I strive every day to help my community in any way I can. You will find that I possess all needed certifications and licenses, and that I have stayed up to date with regards to my professional development.

In my current position with Jubilee Medical Aids & Technicians, I have been given the opportunity to hone my skills and develop my talents with thinking on my feet. However, I am ready to expand my reach, and I feel that your company aligns greatly with my morals and values. In general, I am responsible for evaluating patient medical records, cardiac rate monitoring, controlling bleeding and bandaging injuries, and performing life saving actions with the use of CPR and automated external defibrillators.

In terms of accomplishments, I am proud to say that during my time as an EMT with Jubilee Medical Aids & Technicians, I graduated from Jackson State University with a degree in nursing. With this degree, in combination with my degree in EMT-Paramedic training, I have been able to better serve my community and perform several treatments that regular EMTs cannot. In addition, I have developed a training program for the EMTs in my district that focuses on safe driving. As a result, work place accidents have decreased by over 60% this past year.

My strong communication skills and the fact that I am bi-lingual, knowing English and Spanish, allow me to reach a wider demographic of people. Additionally, I have a calm and caring nature, which makes me approachable and gives me the ability to comfort the sick and injured. As you read through my resume, you will find that I am formally trained in CPR for adults, children, and infants, and am certified to administer life saving techniques and medicines.

While I understand that every company is different, I can assure you that as an adaptable person, I will be able to quickly adjust to your team. With my highly valuable skills and educational background, I know that I can be of great use to you and your esteemed business. I greatly look forward to discussing my credentials with you in person, and I thank you for your time.

Billy Wentworth

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Setting yourself apart from other applicants is the key to a good EMT cover letter. Potential employers will be seeking several valuable traits, such as the ability to think quickly and analyze situations under stressful circumstances, be able to communicate effectively, and treat patients with efficiently and great accuracy. Let us know down below what you wrote in your cover letter for EMT job applications.

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