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dental hygienist resume

Dental Hygienist Resume Samples

Dental hygienists assist dentists with treating dental patients. To become a hygienist, most people attend school for 2-4 years to ...

construction worker resume

Construction Worker Resume Samples

Life as a construction worker can consist of a wide variety of different tasks, requiring many different skill sets. As such, each ...

office assistant cover letter

Office Assistant Cover Letter Samples

The purpose of this article is to explain how to compose an office assistant cover letter that will capture the attention of a hiring ...

machine operator resume

Machine Operator Resume Samples

Machine Operators are skilled laborers who work within a manufacturing environment. A quality resume for these workers must emphasize ...

janitor resume

Janitor Resume Samples

The average janitor has many important duties that often go unseen by the other employees. A janitor job description generally ...

bank teller cover letter

Bank Teller Cover Letter Samples

Bank tellers are the front line customer service representatives at bank branches. If you are a candidate that is applying for a ...

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